How musicians make money?

To earn a lot of music is difficult – this is one of the most expensive pieces of bread. Not for all of course. There are exceptions, however...

Let's read with us!

There are a lot of musicians on the streets almost in every city in the world. Some play to make money, and others play just for fun or for personal development. Here are some examples.

New York

In was forbidden to perform in the New York subway until 1985. Now the music performance has become an integral part of the underground in this city. Depending on the time musicians make 30-80 dollars a day. Professional street musician James Joseph admitted that playing in the subway or on the street can earn to pay the bills and food. According to H&F, a street musician from New York in average makes about $ 107 in three hours.

Many street musicians carefully think about their repertoire and look."You have to be robust enough to build your free music business from the ground up and should be careful enough to note all the important details that will attract passers-by listeners," says drummer William Ruiz playing in New York. Appearance for a street musician is the key to success. It is also important to choose the right time and place for the execution, as the atmosphere coupled with the appearance of the musician and his repertoire increases the opportunity to earn a decent amount. Another musician from New York says that a street performer should be dressed simply, but not dirty so that people didn't like the player trying to evoke pity.

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Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dresden.

Since 2007, players in Munich issued an exclusive license for performances in the main square. There are only ten licenses. One part of the five performers played before lunch, the other five games in the evening. The license costs ten euros. Street musicians are selected at a particular casting.


In Dresden some time had a particular restriction after complaints by hundreds of citizens. Then restrictions were removed. In the German cities – including, in Cologne, the artists with music education can earn about 20 euros a day.

If you are a musician who dreams, but does not know how to make money? We are ready to help you! Here is a list of some ways to earn money for your music career.

What can you do?

  • Selling CDs

If you are going to play in live performances, to have a certain number of your CD is a good idea. CD is great souvenirs that members of the group can sign.

  • Vinyl sales

Vinyl sales increased by 30% in 2013. Again, if you're going to give a concert, take with you a small part. This will help you to generate extra income.

  • Digital sales

You can sell music through your website to earn more money. Online shopping also has not been canceled. Keep in mind that they take a percentage of sales, for example, iTunes - 30%, Bandcamp - 15%.

  • Streaming

Although payouts from streaming are small and, they can develop over time. This will also help you to open your music to new fans. Don't think of it only as a source of income.

  • Live concerts

The best way of gaining profit is still live music.

  • Selling things with the logo of the group

Revenue from the sale of the items depends on the number of your concerts. When you go on the tour, please check whether you have a T-shirts, as well as smaller souvenirs that can be sold to fans after the show.

  • Digital content

You can also sell your digital content to your fans. It may be, for example, a beautiful PDF book with your biography and lyrics, video of live performances, the notes, and chords of your songs, exclusive photos and more.

  • Payments for the use of music

You have to be to rights organizations to collect royalties for the use of your music. This includes payments for the use of your music on radio, television, at live events, for use on the streaming services in commercials, movies, and more.

  • Digital payments

Whenever your music is played on Internet radio, you should be paid royalties.

  • Licensing

If your song is placed in film, commercials or TV shows, there is a chance that you will pay for the license. Income depends on the project budget and how much you want to put your song.

  • YouTube


Every time your music is used on YouTube, the copyright holders of the songs rely on the part of the advertising funds.

  • Sponsorship

If you have a large base of fans, some companies will offer to sponsor you to advertise their products of your audience. Sponsorship can be money, and providing you with free goods and services.

  • Songwriting

If you write music, you can write songs for other musicians, or composing music for film or television.

  • The performance of others songs

Playing covers in bars, restaurants, weddings and other events you can earn real money. Some musicians do not approve of this. But to get money by doing what you love is not a shame, and that's fine.

  • Music lessons

Many players give lessons on the instruments, thus generating additional revenue.

Try and see which works. With the help of these sources, you will be able to earn more. Try everything and see what works for you better.



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There are many ways to make money,but wat if you are not a musician,and you want to make it from your room?

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