How Rap started?

What is rap? Do you know the history of rap? Who was originally the founder of the rap reading? Do you think that American or African American? No, the Italian:)) Read below

Rap man

The word "rap" is derived from the English "rap" - knock, hit (an allusion to the rhythm of rap). «To rap» also means "to speak", "talk". Later, theories-bekronimy arise, to which the word rap is an abbreviation. There were decryptions as «Rhythm and Poetry», «Rhythmic African Poetry» or «Radical American Poetry», and so on. However, «rap» in english is not written in capital letters and has cognate words - «rapping», «rapper», and the others. In general such erroneous theories are prevalent in non-English speaking countries. Rap - the rhythmic recitation, usually read with bit. Rap artist known as rapper.


Rap is one of the main elements of hip-hop music. Therefore, in everyday conversation it is often used as a synonym for "hip-hop".  However, as the rap recitative is used not only in hip hop music, but also in other genres. Many performers of drum and bass use rap. People often conducted rap battles. Quite often especially due to the high popularity,  rap used in a pop music, creating pop-rap. In rock music, it occurs in such genres as: rapcore, nu metal, alternative rock, alternative rap and some others, such as the new direction of hardcore music. Pop musicians and performers of contemporary R-n-B use rap in their compositions.

Rap - a style of music in which rhyming lines lie to the rhythmic and full of bats melody. Rap is music of African-American origin. Initially rap was performed by black musicians, who were trying to convey to the audience the problem of "street" life in the "black" neighborhoods of US cities. Homeland of rap is considered the South Bronx - the poor quarter of New York. Here in the early seventies DJ Kool Herc was the first who used the cyclical playback of breaks in the composition, where can be heard only the drums, or drums and bass. People danced breakdance with his rhythm.

DJ Kool Herc

The founder of the modern rap is considered to be Grandmaster Flash, who adopted and improved the technique of Kool Herc. In the late nineties he became to involve scratching and achieved very interesting sound effects. Soon he decided that he should have the vocalist.  The experiment was a success, it was the beginning of the new movement.  In 1968, African-American intellectuals founded the group «Last Poets» and recorded a couple of rap albums that are considered revolutionary in rap culture.

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Kings of rap are considered to be Run DMC. The band released their first album in 1984, which immediately became the "gold." After it there has been an extremely popular single «Walk This Way», written in conjunction with the «Aerosmith», and the album «Raising 'Hell» became the first platinum album in the rap.


In the nineties there was gangsta rap, full of profanity and more aggressive sound. It was more autobiographical and is devoted mainly to criminal issues. Groups that were in this style attracted the attention of law enforcement officials, because their rap was about sex, violence and a criminal lifestyle. Further in the music style of rap was invented a new genre - G-Funk. The founder of what became Dr.Dre. This style combines the slow rhythm, funk guitar, female backing vocals and deep bass.  Performers and listeners like this style. Dr.Dre later became a producer and gave the world stars such as Snoop Dog, Eminem and Tupac Shakur. Basic style of rap is Old School Rap, even though it is deprecated, but continues to live, Southern Rap, Underground Rap, Pop-Rap, Political Rap, Party Rap, Jazz-Rap, Gangsta Rap, East Coast Rap - this is an incomplete list of rap species.


Hip-hop music is varied. It may be simple, but at the same time interesting and melodic. Its foundation is the bit - rhythm of the song. Usually, every second stroke musicians put the accent: clap - a single sound, like cotton; snare - a leading drum so und, clear and short. Also rapper use percussion the backbeat (such as whistles and chains). Part of musical instruments in the hip-hop music is quite varied. It can consist of the melodies of keyboards, wind instruments and sounds of the computer.

Adriano Celentano

Long before the advent of modern rap song in the same style appeared in the repertoire of the famous Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano. In the early 1970s, Adriano invented and created a musical composition titled «Prisencolinensinainciusol». He performed recitative phrases, written in a fictional language, sounding reminiscent a mixture of English and Italian language. And only ten years later this new style of music migrated to the United States.

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