How rappers make money?

You are interested in hip hop culture, thinking about joining famous rappers on the stage, and want to get to know about the ways due to which hip-hop stars are earning money? Read the article to find out more information.

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Almost everyone has a favorite hobby, someone collects candy wrappers, others tables, and someone likes to flow poetry in the microphone, for example. Probably, every rapper, like and every sane person, once thought about earning money for his favorite activity. It's really cool when the person does something from what he or she really gets great pleasure and is well paid for it. Right?

At first glance, it may seem from the side that it is really a great business. First, the style is very attractive from the point of view of minimizing investments - wide trousers and microphone, and voila, that's the ready musician; secondly, due to the MTV channel hip-hop, subculture became widespread among young people, which is fond of going to the concerts and buying CDs. In fact, everything is not so rosy, and seamlessly. Most boast that in accordance with the traditions of the genre, are liberally scattered by its representatives, have very little in common with the real situation. We all are still far from the US industry, focused on the cult of consumption and expensive cars, and rap artists who are considered to be among the richest people in the United States.

So, what do rappers do to receive such huge amounts of money?

Records and disks

Earlier, when we were younger, we bought cassette players and recorders, then spun discs, and now we can only turn music on repeat in the social networks and different music players on our computers. Remember the last time you bought the disc of an artist that you really like? Perhaps you never buy them now. Why you should buy records when you can download music or buy online, right? But earlier everything was different, the Internet was not so much available, and musicians made money on disks that fans bought now pay equal to a penny, at least among rappers. Nowadays you won`t succeed with discs. Of course, some people replicate vinyl records and maybe even have some money from their selling. The records are now beginning to become popular again, and some individuals are willing to shell out good money for standing vinyl discs, and if they are still rare, the prices are sometimes really wild.



The main income for rappers at the moment - is their concerts. If the performer unwound greatly and he is really recognized, he can give a respectable tour. Average prices for a concert of rappers differs depending on the level of musician and his popularity among fans, sometimes prices are quite shocking and wild. This is certainly good, but do not think that everything is very simple. Firstly, it is almost impossible to get to such a high level. It is necessary to stir up something original that people would fell in love with your work, and then you should get into the rotation. No one is going to go to a concert of the musician, whom no one knows, though organizers initially would not invite unknown musicians. To serve the live you need to have certain skills and experience, if you mumble and constantly stray, then you will be barracked and catcalled, and the most drunken and rowdy visitors can fill your face after the performance.

Creating bits

The following method relates to the creation of bits for MCs. To learn how to do this is not easy and requires a lot of time spent on the computer. Many rappers can not and do not want to learn how to make music, so they have to buy bits. The Internet is now some kind of booming for the sale of backing tracks and everyone is trying to sell his music. If you look and listen, then you can see that none of them knows how to make music, but the client can found for any good if it is well advertised.

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Create your initial base of backing tracks and protect it from thefts by applying a voice-over tracks, creating a group in social networks and start to advertise it, inviting everyone to scatter links to groups and so on. If you did not previously prove yourself as a good beatmaker and no one has ever heard about you, you will drop money only for beer, but it is not a fact.


Dealing with the media.

All media are selling information, most clearly – printed media. All rappers always have great important news, concerning new albums or concerts. With this, they need to go to any newspaper or magazine, even slightly related to their audience. Famous stars usually gather on their concerts about 1/5 of the media readers, one ticket is worth their one-year subscription. If they are not interested in stars - they are not professionals. If the rapper is a global star, the largest editions will be ready to pay millions for the right to publish his interviews, photos, or even advertising of his concerts.


Many companies call managers of the stars or musicians, and start the conversation with the words: "Do you like our products? Let us send you a couple of samples, and then you could mention us in your song if you do not remain indifferent to our products." There are almost no indifferent people after such conversations since the contract for a huge sum is often attached to free sample.

HOW RAPPERS get money

Re-recording of other musicians` songs

Mixing songs. Usually, in rap no one heard of such a term, of course, it is exaggerating, but almost all of the artists are re-recording their tracks themselves and only more advanced and well-known performers have a special person who is responsible for the sound. They can earn, doing this, only if they create their own recording studios, no one is looking for a man who will bring a song, and if they are looking for, it is not for the money or a very professional studio manager. You can join the coolest rappers hang out and work together with them.

Modern hip-hop artists are seriously carried away with business. In addition to revenue from album sales, cooperation with advertisers and live performances, an impressive part of the earnings they bring their own enterprise. The majority of participants of a rating of the richest rappers have their own brand of clothing and music label. For some of them, there are other sources of income.

As usual, earnings do not come themselves. Do it from the bottom of your heart, what you like and you will be rewarded.



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