How to download Hausa music

Do you know the most popular Hausa musicians? Find out more about the prominent artists from this tribe.

Have you heard that Hausa is one of the largest ethnic groups living in Nigeria? What do you know about their culture, traditions, and customs? They have their own, different from the ones, for example, in Yoruba tribe. They have even created their own music, which has become popular all over the country. How to download Hausa music? Let’s find it out.

Hausa music features

Hausa music features

Hausa music takes extremely important place in history of Nigerian music development. It is quite widespread not only in Nigeria, but in many Central and West African countries, such as Niger, Ghana, Sudan, and so on. There exist two main types of it, which are:

  • rural folk music,
  • urban court music.

Nowadays both of them are a part of pop culture genres.

Let’s consider the features of those varieties:

  • Hausa music featuresCeremonial music. It is kind of symbolic one. It is selected for different political reasons. It is possible to listen to it during the sara. It is statement of authority by the emir, which is carried out every Thursday evening. There are special courtly praise-singers, who perform virtues of patron, for instance, sultan or emir. Such type of songs is accompanied by kettledrums, kalangu talking drums, and kakaki, which looks like a long trumpet.
  • Rural folk music. Such type includes various styles, which accompany the young girls' asauwara dance and the bòòríí or Bori religion. It resembles trance music, accompanied by calabash and lute. While listening, people usually fall into trance. They may even perform odd behavior (like sexual one).

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Hausa Artists

Hausa music Muhamman ShataNowadays there're plenty of famous performers of this kind of music, such as Muhamman Shata (he was a really prominent singer, who performed for Hausa people; he died in 1999), Dan Maraya (died in summer 2015), Audo Yaron Goje, Ibrahim Na Habu, and others. All of them possess their own features and style.

However, Hausa music Nura M. Inuwa is considered one of the most popular. Besides, he is probably the youngest representative of such music genre. You may find his Hausa music audio and listen to it for free on the Internet.

 download Hausa musicHe has already released several albums, which are extremely popular in Nigeria. It's possible to find not only his songs, but also videos online. He also has Facebook and Instagram accounts with lots of followers. You can learn all the latest news and watch his photos there.

How to download Hausa music

You need to know, Hausa music download is available for free now. You can find many websites providing users with Hausa music mp3. As the varieties of the genre are quite different, you can select a particular performer and search for his songs on the Internet. Or you may just type Hausa music free download in search form and you'll get great number of links. Select the one you like. Then, you can listen to the songs online before you decide, whether it is worth downloading. After this, if you like the songs, download the whole album and enjoy.

How to download Hausa musicHausa Christian music has recently become very popular as well. Many artists like create the songs with deep sense. They touch various topics, which are connected with the Bible and God. It is often called Hausa gospel music. Among the talented Gospel singers, you can find Steve Willis, Benjamin Lange (started singing in his local church choir), Jeremiah Gyang, Wakar Jabo, and so on. What is really impressive is that all of them are of Nigerian origin. People across African continent like their music. It should make any Nigerian to feel proud.  

Hausa music download The other popular singer is Fada Sheyin, who is also a priest, currently serving in Holy Cross Catholic Church, Gwarinpa, Abuja. In April 2015, he released his latest single, known as It Is Possible. It was also a title song for his album. He made it together with Solomona Lange (another promising singer). This composition is very creative and inspiring. Sheyin says, it tells story of his own and, besides, it could be story of anyone in the world, because amidst the vicissitudes of life, God always has ultimate purpose for us and He is always capable of making this possible – all things are possible with God.

You can listen to and download his songs for free as well. Hausa music is a great part of Nigerian culture. It is very old, but nowadays many young gifted people choose to perform it. They may select different instruments and varieties, however, they still do a lot to preserve Hausa music. It becomes more and more popular, which is vital for saving ancient traditions and customs of people. Nigeria can be proud of its wonderful performers, who possess great talents, beautiful voices, and, of course, the desire to develop rich culture of their native land. Nowadays it's easy to download Hausa music on the Internet. There is no need to pay. Listen to it and find what you like the most.

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