Is Olamide the hardest working rapper in Nigeria?

How did Olamide attain such a success in music and in business? Find out now.


If you love Nigerian music, you surely have heard his name and listened to his songs. Olamide is one of the top Nigerian musicians and producers. He is a very successful businessman and all that is caused by his ability to work hard.

How productive is Olamide?

YBNL was the very first album of Olamide. It is a bit odd name and it means Yahoo Boy No Laptop. It was a sheer success and the musician decided to name his record label like that. Now he is the YBNL boss and his business is called the YBNL Nation.

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 rapper in Nigeria

Over the last few years since 2011 Olamide has recorded 5 albums. That is a very productive and hard work, indeed. Some of them were a joint work with the Phyno. And YBNL boss says the 6th album is on its way!

And he signed many stars to his record. One of them Lil Kesh even has broken off and stated his own successful business.

The latest Olamide single is “I love Lagos. The new album may also include such songs as “Konkobility” and “Abule Sowo”. The man is a success and there are tons of hard work to back it up. Great job, Olamide!

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