Is Peter Okoye record label doing well? – He signed the first artist

Is the new Peter Okoye record label up and running? Get the news now.

Brothers Okoye, who used to be the P-Square duet have parted a while ago. One of the twin brothers Peter Okoye left P Squared and founded his own record label. Here are some naija news for you.

Who is the first Peter Okoye’s signed artist?

Peter Okoye record label

P-Classic records is the name of this label. While Paul Okoye has named his Rudeboy record label. There have been many rumors and much buzz among the fans on the split up of the twin duet. Paul already has two people signed with him and Peter now got his first one.

It is Joe Ameh. He is the husband of the famous dancer Kaffy. Then notable event took place on May 24, 2016. And the first single of the new artist is out - 4 Get Your Level.

Peter Okoye

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Well, we are sorry to see the talented brothers split and stop their lasting music career as a duet. However, may be they will do even better separately and without the supervision of their older brother Jude, who seemed to be at the core of the conflict!


I really like the twin brother. I like them very much his charisma and a lot of grip zheleznoy.Oni have made in my life, and worthy of respect. Many boys want to be like them, and tend to do things as they are. Not everyone is given is achieved such successes as those achieved brothers. And it is very interesting to observe their lives, and after that as their career progresses. Thank you for the article, for what was told the news of my pets. I will now look forward to the continuation and observe their lives.

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