Is rap the same as hip hop?

Did you ever think about the difference between rap and hip-hop? If yes, read the article and realize the answer.


Nowadays each person has lots of variants of pastime you can go to a bowling alley, cinema, read a book, play sports or whatever you want. But there are activists who take in hand cans with paint, tape and go into the street graffiti, break dancing, rap or hip hop.

However, often people have a question, what is the difference between rap and hip-hop?

What is rap? How it differs from other musical styles? How it differs from other forms of expression of the individual?

There are a lot of opinions. To somehow understand all this diversity of approaches to rap we should provide the facts which all must agree: Rap, a musical direction. I.e. it is a rap music. The rapper does not sing, he reads, but at the same, his voice should succinctly coincide with a bit, with music. His recitative must be a part of one whole. He must feel the rhythm, play with him, or otherwise it will sound very poorly. Rap is a form of expression of thoughts, emotions, and if you like the expression of personality. In this regard, the rap is similar to acting, theater, cinema. The rapper has to be a good speaker. Must be able to capture the listener's attention. Must be able to play a role. This requires a good script, lively text, timely or fascinating in its content. In rap number of spoken words is at times superior to other styles of music. For charismatic personality, it is a blessing, for ordinary punishment. Rap has its historic mission. This is the music of protest. Music of downtrodden, of the oppressed. And it is only a form of protest. Any sensible person will choose a warm, cozy job with good prospects. If there is no other choice, the man makes desperate steps. Many American broadcast stories about the amazing victory over depressing validity out of the ghetto.


Hip-hop is a general term for rap and its culture. Initially, rap was very simple, vocalists read it under the scratch and drum bit, but as far as its development direction is more complicated. Rappers in the hardcore style, such as Run-D.M.C. and Boogie Down Productions, preferred to use at least a bit and focus on lyrical compositions, sometimes adding the party hard-rock guitars. They prepared a springboard for the emergence of Public Enemy, whose sharp, political rhythms and hard bits become innovative in the late 80's and early 90's. By this time Urban has incorporated elements of Hip-hop, expressed in the form of New Jack Swing direction Urban soul music with rap rhythms. Moreover, such rappers like MC Hammer, Young MC, and Vanilla Ice have allowed themselves to soften the “sharp edges” Hip-hop, to be able to release the first successful singles in the pop-rap style.

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Hip-hop is a youth subculture that emerged in the US in the late 70s in the African-American environment. It is characterized by its own music (also called "hip-hop"), its jargon, its own fashion, dance styles, Graphic art and a cinema. By the early 1990s hip-hop has become a part of youth culture in many countries.


Hip-hop music consists of two main elements: rap (rhythmic recitative with clearly marked rhymes) and the rhythm given by the DJ; at the same time are not uncommon composition without vocals. In this combination of rap artists refer to themselves as "MC" (Microphone Controller or Master of Ceremony). The priority and the most evaluated is considered to be the art of rhyme, which "MC" in the pursuit of innovation often composes of the sense of the text, which, in turn, makes it a confusing puzzle. The task of one or more DJs is to include rhythm programming a drum machine, sampling (using fragments of other people's songs, especially the bass and synthesizers), manipulating vinyl records and sometimes "beatboxing". On stage, musicians are often accompanied by a dance ensemble.

Currently, hip-hop is one of the most commercially successful forms of modern popular music and this style is represented in a variety of areas within the genre.


Hip-hop was the first music that perfectly embodies the ideology and originality of contemporary African-American Culture. This ideology was based on the antagonism of the American culture to the Anglo-Saxon. Over the past decade, it emerged as a fashion, radically different from the traditional fashion of the white population, its jargon, and its cultivated manner of pronunciation, dance styles, his graphic art "Graffiti" (images and graffiti made with aerosol sprays or special markers with paint and more recently as a movie.

Despite the every year changing of hip-hop fashion, in general, it has a number of characteristics. Clothing is usually free, sports-style: sneakers and baseball caps (usually with direct visors),well-known brands, T-shirt and basketball t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts with hoods ski caps pulled down over the eyebrows, baggy pants, dropping wide shorts. Hairstyle often short, although short African braids are also popular.Hip-hoppers also like massive jewelry very much(chains, medallions and so forth.).

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