Is rapper Dawg from a Tribe Called Quest dead?

Another show biz death of 2016 - Phife Dawg, famous rapper. Find out more about his life, career and death.

It became known tonight that famous rapper Phife Dawg is dead. He was 45 years old.

Phife Dawg is dead

Rumors have spread a few hours ago, when DJ Chuck Chillout have made a post in his twitter. Sad news were confirmed by Statik Selektah. Phife Dawg was struggling with diabetes the most part of his life: the diagnosis was made in 1990, in a month after creation of the first album called People's Instinctive Travels and The Paths Of Rhythm. After rough the ninetieth the condition of rapper worsened every year, and in 2008 he has endured a renal transplantation (his wife was a donor), but in 2013 he appeared in waiting list for the transplantation again. Friends and colleagues of the singer have expressed their condolences.

Now, let’s recall some facts about Dawg biography.

dawg rapper biography

The rapper was born in 20th of November, 1970 in Brooklyn. His real name was Malik Taylor.

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Phife Dawg was a participant of A Tribe Called Quest band from its basis and took part in record of their classical albums. Moreover, he was one of founders of the group. A Tribe Called Quest is a legendary rap band from the beginning of the ninetieth. The performed not a severe rap of streets, but kind and light hip-hop. In November 2015, their debut album celebrated 25 years. In such occasion, the group has reunited on Jimmy Fallon's show. It was the last public performance of Phife Dawg.

phife dawg death

Besides the band, he cooperated with Fu-Schnickens, Diamond D's, Black Sheep's, Al' Tariq and Trugoy and others. In 2000, he made the first solo album. Dawg music will always stay in hearts of his admirers, just as personality of the singer.

Other details of Dawg's death will become known later. Lets’ follow the news. 


Though of course I rap and not fond of, but it is always a pity to talented people who go out of life, and the man became no exception. Forty-five years, it is still quite early to be poproschatsya with life, even when you have so many fans. After reading this article, I learned a lot about the life of this talented man. He was really strong spirit and a handsome man. It is a pity that many do not have time to do in my life. Thank you for the article, about what I have learned about this man and the reference frame of his life and death. The only pity is that it is not acquainted with his work during his lifetime.

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