Jerrypeps(me) Vs Jduck13>>>whose Better?

Jduck13 man I put hands on you

I dig a hole in the desert, they build The Sands on you

When the gun is tucked, untucked, nigga you die

I'm the one, thus meanin no one must try

No two, no three, no four, know why?

Because one's four-five might blow yo' high

I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol

I'm from the hood silly what type of facts are those

I'm like Bleep Jduck13 you can kiss my whole Naughty Person

So read my letters, "No One Can Do it Better"

I examine your lyrics like a ryhme inspector

Explore rap, and tell me Jpeps ain't all that

And next time I rhyme, I be foul

Whenever I freestyle I hear Jduck13 say I'm wow

hit ya, back split ya

Bleep fist fights and lame scuffles

Pillow case to your face, make the shell muffle

I need you 2get right back @ me dog

so i'ma lay u right dead in a mourge

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See play'B on the street with icedown

U too slow can't keep up wit me on da countdown

Don't stop, play'B gone too far

Don't flop, i'm just too large

I got some real niggas, real blingas, real money makers

Play B on top,stil in dis l ain't goin' no where

Yeah, me wit my flows, i gon' blast them wacks off

Y'all come on to the top,lets blast off

traight to the chase, cause everybody know what's the case

I'm realest raper,i manufacture lyrics wit pace

Right to the top, aiyyo, no, I ain't gon stop

Even if ya play rhyme lke nas,u aint gon' top

I blast offStraight to the dome, you entered into ma zone

I'm da realest,play'B cant cut out,its ma tyme 2 r0le

Ni&&az cant beat it,even if dey go get sum loan

They gotta be ma foes


@Wacks & Dem fakes !!!

Y'all niggaz still talkin'?

Oh, you'all got a lil' rap sh*t, lil' fame, lil' fortune & still shitin'

What you'all have is a portion ?

knowin I'm the boss and So you better use caution

Ni&&aZ,this's a war,u gotta know it aint fashion

And you'all cant spit like i do,Play'B spit wit passion

Cause you aint got d size of the hats in the back of ma Porsche

Million of ya'all cant silent me cos i aint blush

I'm da king' sittin on pyramids, flossin'

I don't really gotta talk sons,stil bossin'

I can get lost and sit back livin off endorsements

I'm a pro,livin' large lika soul of entertainment

Why ya'all actin like you don't really know Play'B

Any records I broke it,No frozin',i'm da realest play"G"

Through the fame and the stardom, makin my mark on ma hood

Dis rap sh*t cant stop,tell who's next to u or ya boo

I don't mean to be greedy rapper, its the mic dat make me wann' blast

Ni&&az,let do da rap and lets see who make Da Sh*t last

Ni88az always grab that mic and salt like they really gon' do some Fake

Rap cant stop'in me i still av load of lyrics like lake

Why ni&&az lie like that? Know they ain't fly like that

Niggaz get fried like that

And you don't wanna die like that

Have your momma cryin like that

Besides all that, I'm in to get it fryin like that

Still on the block and move pies like that

Never my life dealt with guys that rap

In fact, I'm gotta leave u ni&&az with his eyes all sad

Swoll up, y'all niggaz better hold up

Any ni&&a that roll up, could get fold up

Body get ripped up, and then sewed up

Every nigga I bleeped with, niggaz is growed up

Play'B don't play no sure games, get on the stand, and say names

Y'all gonn' lo' Play'B wen i turn sum Wack to crane


@ Jerrypeps

Im In da game rippin yep Im back at it

Go to rehab more den a crack attic

My problem is I cant stop ripppin punk poets

Im da king of dis game i aint afraid to show it

U is whack homey go up wit ya weight

This fool think he got flow so i set dis nigga straight

U neva beat da king ya neva Get da crown

Here my words ring and you is goin down

Rip dis whack clown and i do it so easy

Have da crowd screamin coz my rymes like wheezy

Im da greatest in da game like greek god zeus

U can ryme but its more like dr. seuss

U make me laugh wit ya cat and da hat

I rip dis whack and as a matta of fact

U come on me again i send ya to ya grave

I neva stop rippin coz to dis game im a slave

See power I got to grab it

Coz i cant stop rappin its jus a habit

I love dis its great rippin u every day

Its been fun but i have to say

U a lil whack and its a lil too true

So im gon rip anotha nigga jus like I did u

Ok no more people tell dis fool who won Im tired of battling him



Now you six feet deep over bullshit

Got a mac-10 mouth, ain't never pull rubbish

Yes I'm back for those who might be confused

and lost and don't want to pay the cost

watch my hardcore style type a human being

on the microphone when I be emceein

I return burnin rubber

The black African brother, low key so call me undercover

Hey yo i came into nairaland one day I got the word

The illest emcee in the rap game that is me most preferred

Guess who? The realist flavors like mystic

Coming through with drama, question my karma

It's on again yeah about the fake hip hop trends

for those who can't comprehend just ask your friends

my rhyme may affect jduck skull to a point

and crash the membrane, so you should spark a joint


@ Big Shishi

u cud never be a legend, jerry's a legend a born freestyler, u? ah, u damn too silly for ur own good, seems like nairaland is full of families putin dem mouth into disses instead of being a spectator,


Yo homey try to be hard try to get back up on ya feet

My rymes knocked ya down yea da ground what u meet

Homey u want to front on me u can't even text

I want a real person to battle so Next!

I ripped ya like paper me and Big shishi

U took one shot and homey ya missed me

On da streets reprisentin always on da grind

I'm so psycotic no one knows what goes on in my mind

Its a whirlwid Of words a avalanche of game

My mind sets always the same set the stage to flame

Come back after i beat ya homey u crazy

I'm insane my game got ladys havin babys

Yea im white i aint aftermath

But if u talk bought me u will feel my wrath

Have u chokin like b rabbit did popa dot

U never popped one and I popped a lot

U trippin Im da greatest U know its true

I ripped Many suckas and i even ripped u

U feelin like u tough let me do it again

No one eva stop me u know im gon win

u nothin but a busta tryin to be a thug

Homey Im gon rip u squash ya like a bug

Think u hard think u cool

well homey ya arent ya must be a fool

Rap battle the greatest da one who holds da crown

Well me and big shish we dont Fu$$ aroun


he-yo nuccas am waitin for ya

whatchu gat fake thugs with no slugs


I gotta go and get all that I'm worth, cause being broke lyrically hurt

First learned how to cook in a coffee pot

Made the forum lot get hot like lava rock

i put nairaland land on the jump off top

i'ma make sure all ya lil hommie go fell me nonstop

nairaland reigns forever and all your zones i rock

this aint bout who can rhyme but a lyrics twista's shot

Got love for none of ya spits cause Igat all that

But I ain't afraid to get both you right back

i stay on my ground with no frontin

Ever since I came through, Jduck got the impression

everything I drop, out of the question,so stop the guessin

i flow pass y'all low class wenever i freestyle i spit venoms on

y'all weak Bottom in trash

i don't need to hit u wit a gun

even my name put u on the run

i here all y'all be sayin poo ya both dont get it right

well i'ma put you in same page and squeeze ya tight

cos when i unrap my lyrics aint no nairaland dude can bullshit

my tongue is power it kills fakers and blaze suckers in minute

I read in a freestyle batttle dat ya J-suck

hommie am real 4real ya rhymes sucks


wit whack niggaz like jerry pepsi, i might as well be a legend


Yo B.I.G. Shishi we legends too so why not have that name


ok got ya battle crown me and Bigshish so i can be on my way


nah j duck, b.i.g is a legend, im his number 1 fan


Dat be My Boi BIG SHISHI rippin again go biggie ya real name should be B.I.G. Shishi


My nigga big shish know who better

u can't spit game u can only write a letta

Yea u can text but u aint got flow

Me menike cray and shish hold the show u didnt know

U nothin but a punk u nothin but a hata

Yo big shish tell him who da true palya


So u think u hard u jus to persistent

neva flow like me ya know dey to much distance

im on top and u down below

im one of da pimps and u jus a lil hoe

Keep on talkin homey ya gon die

time to get serious time for me to try

My sword is my tongue and i use it so well

i make da mic so hot the devil would rather be in hell

I keep da stage inflamed coz im killin da spit

u gon keep dis nigga wantin to get ripped

homey get out of here u nothin but fake

I rip niggas so hard da whole earth gon qwacke

And if ya wanna beef on me homey ya can

Coz im gonna smother u fasta den quick sand


Lay out my hard plans on you

I Rat Pack u PLAY-BOY,and see me tap dance on you

Then, I 4real shot ya God damn you

I spit so hood every time I bust

Y'all gotta love it, though I cuss too much

Before a blunt, I take out my fronts

Then I start to front, matter of fact, I be on a manhunt

Ain't no slipping in my pimping, or slacking on my macking

These boys lazy Cadillacking, while I'm greenback stacking

Cause, while they in they bed catching they Z's

I'm in the streets, trying to catch me some G's

I'm rolling strapped, everywhere I go I'm watching my back

Cause on my block, them haters don't give a damn if I rap

I'm on the grind, I worked for everything that I got

I go get it while it's raw, I'm on the block nonstop

ni&&a am real 4real and i spit game like am the game

but this aint no game am not playin cos y'all lame


Okay lil nigga u gon attack me when im gone

but next time how bought attackin when im on

I own the game hold the crown u never take it

My Wrath is sleepin u bought to wake it

I'm gon warn ya u don't want to front

roll ya like a blunt And i eat ya like Well

U make me laugh is that hard as u can hit

A pig can fly farther than u can spit

I'm sorry i have to do this but im bought to take u out

Syk spit rip quick have no doubt

u gon try to fight u gon lose

Coz ya rymes is whack make da crowd snooze

crowd stand up and show him who best

fly till i die Well u know the rest

Holla im takin it easy now so homey don't make me go hard


Re: Jerrypeps(me) Vs Jduck13>>>whose Better?

No one better. . .Both of U R FAKE !!!

Now Let me show u How i do ma thin'

Gators and ostrich, you know I'm in power

My lyrics is Clean,tight and blemish like rose flower

I'm a stunner, my bitches train like robots on 20Mtr Tower

U should try to look around ya corner and shift a lil bit

Ni&&a,u could see my flows on the Free Style Sh*t

Now u know how this M*thaF*ckers spray sum spit

They sniff coke,in deep throat, and they hold out glocks

I'm in Cancun, with a model in the bedroom

Her p*ssy tight like an airplane bathroom

Play'B will make this thread hot like South Beach doom

I move like, Bin Laden armed with them hammers in that new Jag wagon

I'm a g*ngst*, general, comrade ni&&a and a 1st class rapper

Play'B spit like fire,Flow like rapstar ni&&a

U'll thank the Lord if me Play'B gon' getcha

Cause the sawed-off'll microwave a ni&&a like, Adolf Hitler

Bleep pressure, I enter the thread calm

Check ma profile,Look at my ring don, lease a 100 K for bling on

I'm da realest rapper, who da Muth*fuk* ?come lets flick on

I got the mind of a genius, the rag-white Jag

Blow ma enemy wit tightest Flows'make them brag

Play'B callin' 4 a fight' now come wit ya wack flag

C me Now I'm makin them knees knock in the lab

Let off, and send them to the weed spot in the cab

And I hear them when dey whisper, got the ear of Ray clown

I'm ahead of my class fucker,because i wear the rap crown

Niggaz callin out my name in vain this aint plain

When Play'B jab them jaw dey be the claim for da pain

The navigation of ma flows got me to where I'm gon' be stayin

I aint tired of rap because i feel like am jus' playin'

I'm a country nigga, ain't this many buildings where I live payin'?

Da rap business gotta be handled by Play'B so where this coward at?

Play'B leave a couple of niggaz layin'thats ma part

In da street ,On this battlefield, you know, it's kill or be killed

Leavin niggaz with bulletholes and hospital bills

I won't stop 'til I'm on a "Wanted" poster, m*therfuck*s

Play'B know what going on this thread' still waitin' 4 sum fuckers

I'm going to ball till i fall, niggas can't ruin me,wall2wall of this game, i love my style

This's PLAY'BOY intro' Believe, it's ma time to fly


all right Hugoboi am waitn for ya

hit me up with sumtin and watch me crack ya


U aint hot if u spittin sum1 elses poo, try me so i'l gv u sumn hot,


i know y'all be tlkin like i got Jigga's ryhme book

but soon you gonna know who's tha illest rhymes spitter



Hey Wait a minute aint dat the first verse of "threat" by jigga?

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