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Land here to see the top five most handsome Nigerian musicians ever. Find great photos of them and read their biographies to stay trendy and in tune with the latest Nigeria music news.

Being a media person and a famous artist is not only to please the fans with your talent. Often, popular singers and musicians – it is also a pretty face, fit figure and charming smile. The proud title of most handsome musician in Nigeria can be earned by everyone who comes to the big stage. However, we picked five best of the best for you. Several factors can be used as the criteria: the external beauty and charisma, and ability to perform.

most handsome Nigerian musician

Rating of musicians - Most Handsome Musician in Nigeria 

Entertainment news in Nigeria likes to conduct the different contests and surveys, determining the winners in different categories. Without revealing the secrets of the list prematurely just to say that all participants are included in the top 10 musician in Nigeria.

Slim Burna Nigeria 5.  Slim Burna closes the top five of most attractive performers originated from Nigeria. He is only 27 years old. However, he managed to achieve a lot in the creative field. He actively began his career in 2008, since then has never strayed from the chosen path.

 Like many other musicians, he does not only write and perform his own songs, but also produces other artists. Slim moved to Nigeria at a young age being just two years old. He was born in Essex. 

The main genres in which he worked are the hip-hop (almost became canonical) and rap. 

Four albums already are on his account. The first three are collections of music of his authorship and the last is a full-bodied mixtape album. Musicians, whom he produces, work also in the genre of pop, but Slim prefers more aggressive "music of the streets".

wizkid nigerian musician 4. Wizkid’s real name is Ayodeji. He started his career very early – he was just 11 years old. Now he is 25 and he actively develops his musical career. He writes and performs songs. 

In addition to vocals, he also enjoys playing musical instruments and creation of electronic music. The basic style of the singer – afropop and reggae. He was born in Lagos. His first stage name was Lil Prince (like that Saint-Exupéry book), which is not surprising – he was only 11 at that time. 

Having this young and strong talent, the singer did not give up the favorite business even for a minute. He possesses a lot of nominations and decent prizes in his list of trophies. 

And he won awards from both native country and abroad. Of course, he is very appreciated, loved and known at home. However, the singer does not intend to stop there, he is after the worldwide fame.

Davido Nigerian musician 3. Davido is in the third place and received a bronze medal with the rank of most handsome musician in Nigeria. This artist has a stunning taste and sense of style. Davido’s young – he's only 22 years old. Just take a look at few of his videos or photos to get the idea.

This young man has a great future, the scene and the fans love him as much as cameras do. He was born in America but never forgot his true roots. Davido was developed from the start as a performer and songwriter. Later, he realized that he has the talent to become a professional producer and started to process other stars. 

Genres in which the singer works are afropop and rap. Passion for music became his ticket to life. He managed to release 16 individual singles and one studio album, which was very popular. Davido was nominated for numerous awards. He possesses several prizes and the title of best singer of the year and a breakthrough of the year. Moreover, his singles also received the awards as the most "explosive" and the catchy songs of the year.

PSquare Nigerian duo 2. Second place shared by two participants. Perhaps it is not according to the rules, but they cannot be split, because they are the twins! Nigerian duo of two brothers named P Square takes the silver place of our hit parade. Peter and Paul are two identical twins. 

They are in music for over a decade. Now both of them are 33 years old. During their career, the brothers have managed to release seven albums, about a dozen singles, as well as received a lot of nominations. Each of the albums has won the best awards. Their piggy bank also have award for the best duo and for the best performers of the genre. The brothers received regional awards from their native country also. 

Nigerian media has repeatedly awarded them the title of best for video, best album and best performance. Peter and Paul are among the most recognized musicians in the country. Not so long ago the hearts of their fans were literally broken – brothers married. However, even building their own families could not separate them. They are still friends by families. Both brothers purchased houses as "family nests" and these homes are located opposite each other. Both musicians are not going to suspend their creative activities.

D'Bahj Handsome musicians1. Well, the first place in our hit parade is given to handsome singer D'Bahj. This young man is in the prime of life – he is only 35 now.

In addition to music, he has also performed well in the producer's activity, as well as most of the participants of our list. In addition, the singer perfectly knows how to play the harmonica. 

This little musical instrument became his main weapon at the beginning of the fight for a place under the sun on the big stage. 

The main genres in which he works are pop, afropop and R&B. On the singer's account are five albums and many singles. He was also invited as a special guest for the joint execution and recording of another singer. As for the awards, D'Banj, perhaps, is superior to all others in their numbers. He is not only a nominee of many awards, but the happy owner of not less their number. 

The singer has received the prizes for best performance, the best video for the song, the best songs, albums and many others. Among the most honorary awards are the title of the best singer of the year, as well as the opening of the year and very promising artist. The last title he received at the beginning of his career as a warm friendly gesture. It is no wonder that such a man is awarded with external data in addition to the talent. Because of all his success and talents we gladly give him the top place of the hit list.

Interestingly that Nigeria is rich in talents in the musical sphere. There are many universities and colleges that educate and develop talented creative young people. Many of the young, only emerging stars, may eventually conquer much more imposing and impressive peaks.

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However, as in any parade of male beauty and attractiveness, note that age also plays an important role. A man is improving with his years, reaching success. Nominees for this ranking are the proof of it. Despite the fact that the title of the most attractive musicians speaks mostly about external beauty, there are no one who didn’t realize themself as an individual. We wish all of them success and, of course, pleased to note that they are nice to not only to be listened, but also watched.


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These top NIgerian rappers seem to be ever competing for fame, riches and popularity.

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