Net worth: Top 5 the world's richest hip-hop singers

Are you fond of hip-hop music? Do you know the famous hip-hop singers? Read the article and you will find the richest hip-hop artists list.


Hip hop has become very popular, the modern genre of music. Hip-hop covers large number of topics ranging from relatively"light" styles, such as pop rap, to aggressive hardcore rap, horrorcore. The content of the songs varies from mild and easy, like recollections about "the good old days" to the hard ones demanding to stress social problems.

The origins of hip hop should be found in funk, which is the primary progenitor of this trend. However, the influence on hip-hop formation has done other genres, such as Rhythm-n-Blues, soul, jazz, reggae.

Nowadays hip-hop is an active element of show business. If to observe hip-hop from this angle it is worth speaking about talented and rich hip-hop singers.

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The richest hip-hopers.

Diddy. P. Diddy is a well known hip-hop singer.  He has proved to be the richest hip-hop artist and has a great fortune. He possesses 475 million dollars. No surprise that Diddy has the status of the richest hip-hop singer. Diddy – has a wealthybackground.  Diddy has seven children.  None of seven lacks father’s attention.  But none of them is spoiled by father’s fortune as well. His son  Justin,  who graduated from the University with honors, got a present - the limo for 250 thousand dollars. Diddy is sure all his children estimate his wealth in the right way. And they will never spend money for anything.


 Jay-Z. The next popular and one of the richest hip-hopers keeps on his accounts up to $ 450 million. Forbes magazine has put him on the rating list at the first position. He made a great rush in 2010 that brought more millions into his account. The wealth of JZ was increased due to the sale of 50 million albums, income from tours, the net of night clubs and participation in ownership of the basketball team New Jersey Nets.


Sean John. This artist is outstanding and not only because of music.Sean John is also one of the richest hip-hop artists in the world. He is the owner of, the world famous recording  Studio. Bad Boy Studio is John’s mark. Bad Boy Entertainment had sold nearly $100 million recordings, and made a multimillion-dollar deal with Arista Records for the management of the label.  A gifted rapper and producer invested into another project - his clothing brand. The world of fashion is also presented by  Sean John. And can’t help saying about vodka called Ciroc. Sean John leads an alcoholic drinks producing company Diageo. Diageo has become the largest source of income.

Sean- John

Dr.Dre. He is the third in the list of hip-hop singers and producers. His fortune comes to be $ 125 million. That is not the top limit. A musician hopes to increase his accounts, after the tour this year.

The fourth and the fifth place rappers and businesspeople 50 Cent and Brian Williams share. Brian Williams is an owner of several studios recording hip-hop cash. If to speak about the costs of the workshops, it sounds to be more than 100 million per each.

 To round up meet  top 5 richest hip-hop artists list:

 P. Diddy


 Dr. Dre

 50 Cent

 Bryan Williams, Birdman

At least  Fobes magazine is sure about that.

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