Nigerian gospel musicians - 7 top

Nigerian musicians are very gifted. African has given the world Gospel music style. Learn the names of the best artists in this genre in Nigeria.

Gospel music is a very special genre for Nigerians, as it has African roots. No wonder Nigerian gospel musicians love and successfully perform in this manner and style. Let’s get a brief overview of this style and a list of the top Nigerian performers famous in their own country and abroad.
Nigerian gospel musicians

History of gospel music

TheNigerian musicians name “Gospel” indicates that this style is closely related to Christianity. Indeed, it can be traced back into the 17th century. Back at that time many slaves sold by their African tribes into captivity were turned to Christianity.

They have combined their African rhythms with the new religion to create something amazing and admirable – Gospel style.

Usually the slaves had no music instruments, so most Nigerian gospel songs are performed a cappella. People would clap their hands or stump their feet to create a rhythm, they used their voices to sing praise to the Lord or pray about their hardships and bitter destiny.

In the southern state of America Gospel blues developed into a special Blues style and the songs at first were mainly performed by men only. In 1874 the term “Gospel song” was used in print for the first time in the collection of such songs and a book plainly called “Gospel songs”. It was printed for the church people to use in their worship during the serve.

Thi gospel musicians s style developed in USA, but later on it came back to Africa, where it was actually born and has blessed many local churches. People love this style and Gospel musicians are rather popular in Nigeria. This music lets people open up their hearts and feel the rhythm and express their praise to God.

Nigerian gospel singers – 7 best of them:

Today over half of Nigeria’s population confesses Christianity. People regularly attend Gospel churches and thus, sing Gospel songs in their worship. Some Nigeria Gospel musicians have taken it a step further and have become local celebrities. They perform these songs with great skill and inspire other people. They record albums and perform on the stage. Here is the list of the most popular ones.

7. Lara George
She was born in Lagos State and attended Unilag, where she has started her music career. She joined the local choir. In 2008 she has released her first album, which brought her fame and recognition. She was nominated to receive several awards and has become the Voice of the Year on Nigerian Music Awards. Today she is married and has two children, but she keeps on singing and praising the Lord.

6. Chris Morgan
He comes from Benue State in Nigeria. He was born in 1978 and entered worship ministry in 2005. Today his mission is to bring back and restore the power of worship in the modern church. His wife is also a born again Christian and a praise and worship minister. The artiste has been able to develop his unique style and tours the country inspiring people to praise God.

5. TY Bello
She comes from Ogun State and her full name isToyin Sokefun-Bello. Toyin entered Unilag and there joined the campus choir. Later on she became a part of the famous Kush gospel band. Then she started her solo career and recorded the first album in 2008. Prior to that Toyin has released several singles. She is famous for her charity work in Nigeria and for taking part in social life and other types of arts.

4. Eben
The full name of this musician is Emmanuel Benjamin. He was raised in the church and early started to develop his musical gifts. In 2007 he recorded the first album called “On the rock”. He has received several musical awards in Nigeria and was able to establish a video and music production company.

3. Joe Praize
The full name of this musician isJoseph Omo Ebhodaghe. Presently he ministers at Christ Embassy Love World church in praise and worship service. “My Praise” was his very first album. It has brought him fame and many awards, such as Love World Awards and Crown Gospel Award. Presently he travels much around the world and sparks up worship in Europe and on other continents, as well as in Nigeria.

2. SamSong
This musician resides in Abuja and was born in Delta State. The first album “Best of Life” was recorded back in 1996. At that time he was a part of the band called “Praise Creation.” In 2002 he recorded his first solo work and received The Psalmist Award for it. Sincethat time he has gotten many more awards and recognition for his talent and unique ability to praise the Lord and inspire others to do the same.

1. Frank Edwards
Our number one is rather young, he was born in 1990. His full name isFrank Ugochukwu Edwards and he comes from Enugu state in Nigeria. In the early years of his life he has started to attend the church and got born again. He learned to play piano and engaged in praise and worship ministry. It turned out that it was not just a ministry, but rather his life path and career.

For now the musician has recorded six albums and many singles. He serves at the Christ Embassy Church and his first album was released in 2008. He is the winner of the Gospel Rock artiste award and was nominated for other awards as well. Many consider him to be the best Gospel singer and musician in Nigeria these days.

Now you know the names and short biographies of the best Gospel musicians in Nigeria. They are popular, talented and they do the good work for their churches leading them in worship. However, Nigerian gospel music experiences tough times. Some people believe it is declining. The reason for this is that many of the performers wish to become secular celebrities. They pursue fame and money, instead of being true to their calling and ministry. READ ALSO: Top 10 Fuji musician in Nigeria.

Still, you may find and download awesome Gospel songs online. There are many websites that provide you with free gospel music for your personal worship. Here is a list of the best Gospel songs 2015 for Nigeria:

  • Melody In My Heart
    This song is performed by Buchi.
  • This God is too good
    Nathaniel Bassey is the author and performer of it.
  • He lives
    The song is performed by SamSong and it resembles the old style and brings you back into the slavery times.

Besides, there are the famous and new Gospel music albums recently released and much loved by worshipers. Here is a quick list of the best of them:






All these albums can be found in many ratings of the best Gospel songs and records. You can find them online or get the CD to enjoy your private time of worship. Music is an essential part of Nigerian culture and religious life. Nigerians are good at many things, but they are simply awesome at creating great music pieces. Enjoy your time listening to this old style made modern and fresh by great musicians of our days. READ ALSO: Top 9 Nigerian Gospel Musicians


I like all artists, but most of Lara George. Gospel music is very deep and milozvuchen. Listening to this music awakens great desire for something good and light. This music has a great spiritual force because its people are Christian believers sing with a big heart and soul. It seems to do the kind of music you have to be very kind and good person. I respect and love artists performing gospel music.

Answered 2 years ago.

Today gospels are not so popular as contemporary rock, rap or pop songs, however, this music genre is really awesome. Gospels are quite garmonious and even meditative songs. This music do not leave untouched any listener, despite of his/her age, gender and musical preferences. Even non-religious people can listen and enjoy the gospels, as these songs are very bright and inspiring.

Thanks for the list of gospel singers and their albums, I've never heard before about some of them. I will listen to them with great relish.

Answered 2 years ago.

Gospel songs are just so hauntingly beautiful in every beautiul way. Joe Praize`s songs are incredible and inspiaring i really enjoyed his wprk.Mainly when i am feeeling low i can just listen to hhis songs. I have believed in God since i was 7 years of age. And i regard that leap of faith is all we need to keep going and never give up. That is why this music should be heard by every single person on earth. Do not miss an ones in a lifetime opportunity to listen to it as long as you have a chance.

Answered 2 years ago.

I think that the people of Nigeria, played a very important part in shaping the contemporary sound of gospel songs. Today, many European singers use traditional African rhythms in his compositions. I like when the Christian church music includes African motifs, including motifs of Nigeria. It sounds unusual and at the same time very expressive. I agree with the author of the article that Lara George is one of the most successful singers gospel songs. Her incendiary motives will not leave anyone indifferent. I recommend to all visitors to this site to hear the composition LARA GEORGE –DANSAKI.

Answered 2 years ago.
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