Sexy songs – What are the hottest and best for a romantic date?

How to make ideal date with romantic songs? Learn this information to charm your girl!

Romantic appointment doesn't exist without pleasant music. There are often problems with the choice of suitable melody. Young people ask a question: What are the hottest and best for a romantic date? Especially for you we have made the list of the best romantic and sexy songs.

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Toni Braxton — Un-Break My Heart

This is one of the most popular and best romantic songs in Nigerian music industry. Pleasant slow music will help to create the atmosphere of magic evening. It will allow you to relax and be liberated. This track is ideally suited for a classical dinner with candlelight and look eye-to-eye. If you are admirer of romanticism, then this song is special for you and your valentine.

romantic songs

Cardigans — Lovefool

Thoughtless and very lovely composition from Cardigans group has sounded in the movie "Romeo + Juliette" with Leonardo Dicaprio in a leading role. "Just tell that you love me" — the vocalist sings. Of course, on the first appointment you shouldn't demand recognitions in eternal love, but pleasant memorable motive will create easy atmosphere and will force you and your lover to smile.

romantic songs

Savage Garden — I Knew I Loved You

Popular Australians from Savage Garden have sung a set of the romantic songs, which still remain hits in the genre. ‘It can seem madness, but I have fallen in love with you before I have met you, I waited for you all the life’. This is your history, isn't it?

romantic songs

Elvis Presley — Can’t Help Falling In Love

King of the rock'n'roll, who has won thousands of girls’ hearts by his deep insinuating voice can help in creation of the precisely required romantic spirit. As an option, you may listen to Love Me Tender by him.

romantic songs

Frank Sinatra — Moon River

You for certain remember this song from the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’. Audrey Hepburn plays the guitar and sings Moon River, sitting on a window with a towel on the head. It is very romantic, especially if to consider happy final of the movie.

romantic songs

Flavour Ft. Chidinma – Ololufe

This song was written by one of the brightest duets of Nigeria recently. The track and clip are so romantic that admirers had suspicions about love relations of two singers. The song will precisely brighten up your evening.

romantic songs

Chris de Burgh — Lady in Red

‘The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to a cheek’ — it’s an ageless classic. If you even don't put on a red dress, his heart will all the same be clogged quicker when you dance the first dance with this romantic music.

romantic songs

Julie London — Fly me to the Moon

Under this song it is really possible to dream and even go to the Moon with your lover.

romantic songs

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Chris Isaac — Wicked Game

Sweet-voiced Chris Isaak sings that he wants to fall in love despite everything. It is remarkable slow composition especially for people looking for dizzy passion.

romantic songs

Righteous Brothers — Unchained Melody

This is the song from the movie "Ghost" with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in leading roles. It's great story about love which doesn't know barriers.

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Seal — Kiss by a rose

This song was chosen for romantic scene in Batman movie. According to creators of the film, she had to increase emotionality of the moment. Why not to do it on your dating?

sexy songs for boys

Tito & Tarantula — After Dark

In the movie ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ Salma Hayek as the fatal temptress performed seductive dance under this composition. Your dance shouldn't be so frank at the first dating, but ‘After dark’ will surely make your evening more sensual.

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Akon — I Wanna Love You

This composition of rapper won't be suitable for romantic dating. But it is one of the hottest sexy songs for him. If you are already rather close, you will like this track.

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