Spice Girls' Wannabe" remake: What do girls really want?

The new remake of the old song - what is it all about? Read this article and find out the deep message behind the remake of the old 90s hit Wannabe.

wannabe remake

Even though it’s 2016 we still sing along with the old 90s hit Wannabe by Spice Girls. This band made a huge success singing about the girl power.

Right now their music video might seem really funny to us but the things they are singing about are still something to think about.

It’s been about 20 years since the song was released. However, it is still inspiring the women all around the world.

The reason why Wannabe is becoming famous again is the remake that was made to support the idea of equal rights for women in Asia, Africa as well as in the entire world.

The organizers of this campaign want as many people as possible to hear it and to draw attention to this important problem. Women from the United States, India, England and Nigeria participated in making this remake.

The main concept that they are talking about in the video is basically women’s rights that are still not equal to men’s. They note that even though there has been a huge progress made, there should be a lot of things changed.

The world leaders find this inequality really serious and they have said that they would do anything to change it. It is their work to make sure to have a healthy global community with the people who are satisfied with their lives.

The remake of the Wannabe song was made to show the United Nations the real needs and wants of the women around the world.

It especially introduces the problems of women in Africa and Asia where they are commonly discriminated even by the government.

That’s why this whole campaign is trying to point out the most important things that girls find the most important to have a good life.

wannabe remake

So the video reveals that women nowadays are still fighting for their equality. They want everyone to be equally educated, get the same money for the same kind of job.

What is even more important, they want to feel safe on the streets.

If you want to share your ideas about it and let the United Nations know, use the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant on any social media and describe your feelings about the women in the modern world.

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You can tell your stories and discuss this topic with other women. Don’t be shy!

Feminism. How hard is it to be a woman in Africa?

People tend to say that if you are a woman you are supposed to have certain qualities and skills. If women don’t, they are judged and not accepted by the society. Women everywhere in the world have once faced this problem.

But in Africa the situation is still not getting any better. That’s where we have to make a difference.

In Africa you always get judged by gender. People would say that a woman only needs to wear dresses or be able to cook very well just because she was born as a girl.

The reason why women get treated like this is that all the countries here are ruled by men. Moreover, the man has always been considered as a head of the family.

wannabe remake

The woman’s function was to take care of food and kids.

Maybe it was a reasonable way of doing things hundreds of years ago but the things have changed since then. Now women should be allowed to choose their own way of living which doesn’t necessary have to involve children and cooking.

If a girl wants to build her life around her job, she has to have a right to do that. It’s easy to say but in a lot of countries and even in Nigeria not every girl can afford getting education.

Sometimes her family would decide for her. And often it leads to child marriages which are absolutely unhealthy and don’t give women any choice.

Moreover, when women choose the jobs that are not typical for their gender it causes superstition in men. They can laugh at those females who are studying to become engineers or plumbers.

They can also discriminate them and violate their rights.

It is actually pretty hard to be a woman and a feminist in Africa as most of the people don’t understand these ideas. They are used to the fact that the men are the most important social group.

wannabe remake

But there is still a huge amount of feminists here who support the idea of equality and try to educate the others about it.

Women in Africa still have to teach the men and other, less educated young girls about the ideas of freedom and opportunities for the females.

Even though sometimes we bump into really violent and rude men, the main reason for them being so unfair to women is the historical background and ignorance.

Some people think of things like body positive or being ugly when they think about feminists. But it has nothing to do with a real movement.

Feminists don’t hate men but they want to be respected and treated accordingly. Sometimes the society wants too much from them and their purpose is to fight all the stereotypes.

What is more, there are men-feminists too. These are guys who support women and the ideas that they are not better and not worse than them. The feminist ideas are sometimes called unchristian in Africa but it’s not true.

Maybe the Wannabe remake will change the perception of the problem of the men and people in general. At least it’s what the creators of the campaign are hoping for.

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