The Voice winner gets trip to Abu Dhabi

Have you ever dreamt of a trip to Abu Dhabi? The winner of the Nigeria Voice has already been awarded with the trip to Abu Dhabi. Read the article and find out how Arese Emokpae managed to achieve success.

Abu Dhabi Trip Winner

The Voice of Nigeria – what it is?

For those, who may hear about the show for the first time, let’s throw light on this impressive singing contest. Every person, apart from those people, who are under age, has the right to take part in such competitions - to check his singing skills. Experienced coaches compare all the singers with the talents of other contestants. Do your best to win!

The Nigeria Voice

It means to get the recognition of the community or even become a worldwide known star. However, all these feelings you can have only after putting in lots of efforts and time. It is inevitable that you need to be a talented person. Some people are born with inherited skills and powers, whereas some need to make full use of their energy to concentrate on the learning how to feel the music and finally – sing.

Let’s return to the main event, which should be represented – the victory of Arese Emokpae and her absolutely breathtaking prize – trip to Abu Dhabi.

How it happened?

10th of April – was the beginning of the show, you know, the quantity of the talents of the maiden edition of the show was 48. So many! The competition was continuing for three months – it mainly consisted of blind auditions, where the coaches weren’t able to see the contestants, battles, in which newly recognized singers needed to prove that they deserve to be the winners, and, finally, live shows, which you are able to see on TV and support your favorite performer.

Unfortunately, its helding in the South Africa was a disappointment for those, who couldn’t reach it for the reason of the distance.

Happy Lady

Who to decide the faith of the contestants?

This time a right to judge was given to Waje, 2baba, Patoranking and Timi Dakolo. They are masters of their subject, so we may be convinced in the correctness of their decisions. By the way, they had another chance to show that they are real professionals at the time of the duet singing with the contestants.

Who supported the Voice?

It is obvious - such large-scale contest wouldn’t have existed without some support. Apart from the encouragement of thousands of spectators, the show had several sponsors – smartphone network known as Airtel Nigeria and, of course, Coca Cola. Also let’s not forget about the Unilever and Etihad Airways – Arab Emirates official carrier. These are companies who made a huge contribution to the ability to please the winner of the show. Mr. Enitan Denloye – representative of Airtel Nigeria, has said that it is an honour for them to be able to support young talents, who are showing their passion, perseverance, talent, ambitions.

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Arese Emokpae: reaction and feelings

During the press conference held after some time of the final of the show the voice winner shared her emotions, feelings and future plans. According to Arese, she didn’t expect that she can be the best singer in such important competition. She admitted it was a real school not only for her, but for every contestant. The participation in the show implied both professional upgrade and the growth of a personality, chance to get acquainted with new people, get promotion and approval of the experienced coachers. She has also expressed her gratitude for the hosts of the available platform for performance and exposure.

This is true, as the majority of contestants suppose that the victory isn’t the main thing to get from the show, most of them think that the participation and gained experience is more essential than the prize.

However, Arese Emokpae can’t stop appreciating the bonus provided to her. She couldn’t even have a clue that she will be praised with a four-day trip to Abu Dhabi. What’s more all expenses are already included to the sponsorship present. The prize can compensate her all the forces, and make her feel happier at least for these four delightful days.

The prize

The voice winner Arese Emokpae was granted valued 7 million naira SUV. Africa Magic has taken the responsibility for this.

Bear in mind, that her trainee singer Waje has emphasized that it is not the end of the show for her. It was said due to the fact that Arese Emokpae is going to release a new song in the near future. Now we are waiting for a new debut. Don’t miss!

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