Think You Can Free-style? Show Yourself:

Hey yo this is free stylin

And its got everything to do with 'em lyrics rhymin

Unlike that punk Bottom murfucker Billy Grimmy

Who spent all his day doin some foolish grimmin

To me its just a bunch of 'em silly whinnin

But if you think you're goin try me

Come down lets get dinnin!!

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Isin't this suppose to be in da rap battles section?


yea guys,

as for me, i wanna see my slf lying in my crib with my lappi

doing some clikings and making soem chizy

planning to go out with cpu by my side

i guess u niggaz no not what the cpu am talking about representing

thats my babe that look so sexy

cos i wanna go to a sweet place

to see beautiful faces

that will make me 4get about the stresses am facing


Brash bang bang up in your area

About to cause mass hysteria

check this,

when it comes to sex advise

m the one to call, if u a virgin, hit me, i would tear down walls

not doctor jay, call me doctor brashy

straight nasty and harshy

with lyrics that reduce u to ashes

i ball out of my league niggas say i shoulda been wit the rockets

i spit grizzly van mcCoy chasing my lyrics

i rock real grimey, North London stylo

i split the yizzles, stop humping the weasels

half trini and half nigerian, reason why m hotter

bang up ur nostrils like OLUFSEN speakers

chase u down, let a 100 round split u

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