Tiwa Savage: is she signed with Jay Z?

Is Tiwa Savaged signed with Jay Z? Learn the news now.

Over the last months famous Nigerian singer has been through a lot. Tiwa Savage has sacked her husband and went through a series of public accusations in fornication. She needs some good news after all.

Tiwa Savage

Is Tiwa Savage signed with Jay Z Roc Nation?

This year she has been successful in promoting her new album called R.E.D. Now she plans on closing the deal with Roc Nation of Jay Z. That would mean a huge leap in her career. And it seems like her administrators are already working on it.

 with Jay Z

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Reportedly on May 24 Jay Z has reviewed her work and catalogues and was impressed with them. Upcoming September she is to perform in USA with Rihanna at the Made. Presently she is on with Mavin Records. But that might change in the future and that change would be an upgrade to her career, opportunities and money she makes, too.

We wish the noted Nigerian singer all the best. May all her dreams come true and she would be happy both in her family and in her work life.


What I remember Jay Z, as he is constantly in any cooperation. It's not bad, just when the issue was in relation to the Tiwa, then I'm not surprised again. I wish them a successful and fruitful cooperation, I hope this news is not listening and not idle talk and we did see some stunning results. Another thing is that they work in tandem, rather than how it is that Jay Z will take the whole idea and the will to fully control the process in a positive, first of all the light for him. Whatever it was, I'm waiting for a blast!

Answered 1 year ago.

Do not always be a black stripe, even the stars all is well and there is good news, which has of course all the talk, some are jealous of the success, some people are happy with their idols. I like nice that they all came together well, and I hope that this will continue, though on etih people I learned from this article is the first time. But I was very interested to read this article, now I'll have to wait and watch the news these stars, which became my heroes. I look forward to continuing and news article, thank you.

Answered 1 year ago.
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