Tiwa Savage vs. Yemi Alade: who is the top pop star in Nigeria?

Who is the pop queen of Nigeria: Tiwa Savage vs. Yemi Alade? Learn the news now.

who is the top pop star in Nigeria?

These two names are well-known to all the music fans in Nigeria. Both musicians are very popular and they compete with each other for the pop queen title. The battle is ongoing. So, which one is more popular: Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade?

Tiwa Savage vs. Yemi Alada: who is the best?

As for Tiwa Savage, she has become the first Nigerian female singer to join the Roc Nation. That’s a huge step up in her career. It has brought her international fame and acknowledgement. In 2012 she has made a short break in her performances and became a mother. However, she got back up on the stage and kept up the worthy competition to Yemi Alade. Tiwa represents style, sexiness, glam and high end type of pop music.

 pop star in Nigeria

Yemi Alade’s career started in 2009, when she won the competition called Peak Talent Show. She was featured on many singles of famous Nigerian musicians and won several prestigious awards. This girl is often times called a Yoruba-Igbo singer. Her style differs much from that of Tiwa Savage.

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 top pop star in Nigeria?

She has a distinct African flavor and personality. She is bright and provocative. She tried to get up high in UK charts with her single, but failed. So, she still pursues high positions there. Both ladies have suffered troubles in their personal lives and relationship. Their fame seems to be fatal for affection and evokes jealousy of their men.

For the time being we could say that Tiwa Savage is the pop queen of  Nigeria, but she is closely followed by Yemi Alade. 

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