Top Ten richest African musicians

Lover African music? Get the list of the richest and best musicians from this continent. They are real talents and great celebs.

Talking of Africa we should understand that there is no such notion as “music”. In most African cultures music is not singled out from singing, dancing or rituals attached to it. “Music” is a more western culture concept that has been introduced to African counties.

richest African musicians

However, this continent is richly endowed with musical and singing talents. We offer you the top ten richest African musicians list. These people’s talents have been widely recognized and have made them a fortune:

  1. P Square
    P Square duo

    Country: Nigeria
    Net worth: 150 million dollars
    Short bio and facts: It’s a duo of twin brothers. These bros got their degrees in business administration. Obviously, this knowledge has helped them to successfully manage their musical career. They have started singing and performing back in high school.

    Their first songs were the accapella ones, but they also know how to play various instruments. Presently they receive 100-200 thousand dollars per show. They have used their money to build a large estate in Nigeria and purchase two houses in America. Their official and profitable musician career has started in 2001.

    Since that time they have won over 20 awards and recorded 6 full albums. Today Nigeria leads in many areas on the continent and music is no exclusion: the richest Nigerian musician is also the richest one in Africa.
  2. Youssou N’dour
    Youssou N'Dour

    Country: Senegal
    Net worth: 145 million dollars
    Short bio and facts: This singer can rightfully be called the one, who indeed won the worldwide fame. His career started back in 1979 as a religious singer. His mother was widely celebrated for her voice and religious songs’ performance.

    He writes and performs songs, plays musical instruments, records his own music. He also engages in business and politics.

    Of late his career musician career went down a bit. That is why he is not the answer, when we ask a question:  Who is the richest musician in Africa? However, in 2015 his singing career suddenly went up and he was acknowledged the most highly paid musician in the world. Good chances are the next year he would top this list.
  3. Manu Dibango
    Manu Dibango

    Country: Cameroon
    Net worth: 100+ million dollars
    Short bio and facts: Amazingly enough this musician is still performing on the stage being 81 years of age. Just in 2015 he has earned over 80 million dollars. His income is earned through records, performances, etc.

    Many believe he is one of the richest in Africa among all other musicians. The earliest Dibango album was recorded back in 1968. The latest one was released in 2003. Overall he has recorded over 60 albums.

    He has even developed a new music style called “fusing jazz”. He has received numerous awards throughout his long and fruitful career.
  4. Salif Keita
    Salif Keita

    Country: Mali
    Short bio and facts: He has taken high position on the list of the richest and most influential African celebs. This musician is 62 years old. This singer has a very unusual origin. He comes from a royal Mali family, but instead of ruling the country, he rules the stage.

    He has gotten his unique title: the Golden voice of Africa. His musical career has started rolling in 1984, when he moved to Paris. Europe has generously celebrated his talent and he has become one of the top African musicians well-loved on that continent. 

    His first disc was recorded in 1982 and 19 more followed with the last one being released in 2012. He earns as much as 80 thousand dollars per show.
  5. Koffi Olomide
    Koffi Olomide

    Country: Congo
    Short bio and facts: The rumors say that this musician gets over  a million dollars per show. He certainly is something special. However, the more likely figure is around 100 000 dollars per show. His career started 70ss.

    He writes songs and music. His first albums got recorded in the late 70ss and overall he has released up to 30 albums. One of them got on the book list of 1001 Albums Must Hear. The musician is married and has 7 children.
  6. D’Banj

    Country: Nigeria
    Net worth: 100 million dollars
    Short bio and facts: At one point of his career this musician has been paid 1.5 million per show! He certainly is one of Top Ten richest West African musicians. On average he gets 100 thousand per show.

    This far he has recorded 3 albums and 2 more compilation ones and up to 15 singles. The number of his awards reaches over 40. This singer can perform in 3 different languages. He owns DB Records record label. He has also gotten endorsements from a range of renown brands, such as UAC Foods or Glo.
  7. Fally Ipupa
    Fally Ipupa
    Country: Congo
    Short bio and facts: This musician has earned several highly prestigious music awards, such as KORA and MTV Africa Music for the best music video. His singer’s career started in 1999. Before that he performed in a band of Koffi Olomide. The first disc was released in 2006 and right off it went to over 100 thousand sales.

    This far he has 3 albums and a large number of singles on his list. His fees per show range anywhere from 50 to 100 thousand dollars.  The rumors state that his home is worth over 3 million dollars. Plus, he has become the brand ambassador of many high fashion Paris brands.
  8. Hugh Masekela
    Hugh Masekela
    Country: South Africa
    Net worth: 80+ million dollars
    Short bio and facts: There are the gossips that his fortune amounts to almost 300 million dollars. This musician is 76 years old. He plays a range of instruments, mainly trumpet and cornet. He also writes songs and music.
    His musical career started in 50ss. The first album was released in 1962. Over the years he has recorded up to 50 discs. He won the Grammy in 1968 and got many honors. He has not only received the African Music Legend award in 2007, but he is one of the music legends of this continent.
  9. 2Face Idibia
    2Face Idibia

    Country: Nigeria
    Net worth: $22 million
    Short bio and facts: 2006 was the year, when he started his solo career as a singer. Before that he performed in Plantashum Boyz band. Besides being a singer, he also produces movies and is an actor. His average per show fees amount to 60 thousand dollars.

    He has released 6 albums and 10 singles. His charity activities have made him an ambassador of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. He also runs his charity fund 2Face Idibia Reach-Out Foundation.
  10. Banky W
    Banky W
    Country: Nigeria
    Net worth: $10 million
    Short bio and facts: The birth land of this musician is USA, but he has been brought up in Nigeria. He makes up to 50 thousand dollars per show. His career started in 2003. And the first album was released at the same year.

    Overall he has recorded 5 albums and one more, which is a compilation album. He has won 8 awards and got many more nominations. He has become a brand ambassador of Ciroc (vodka brand).

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As you see, the Top Ten richest African musicians list starts and ends with guys from Nigeria. This country leads in economy on the African continent; it has graced the world with many talented people.

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