What are the best gospel music videos?

What are the best gospel music videos on youtube? Check the top list of best gospel music videos.

Gospel music

Music can provide limitless energy of emotions gathered in lyrics and songs. Gospel music is something that resemblance a good nature of people. The words are so filled with love to people and good deeds that listeners can`t miss the spirit. Nevertheless, songwriting is a hard work which needs some enthusiasm and dedication.  Gospel singers are one of the most welcome people in any events and festivals. Through their performing, visitors can feel love essence to all humans. Gospel videos are well received on youtube and gather thousands of views. In this article, it`s presented a top list of best gospel music videos.

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I look to you

One of the favorite gospel songs of YouTubers that gathered more that seventy million views. The singer is a well-known Whitney Houston. Her talent can only be combined with majestic lyrics of the song. The words provide affection and understanding that people shouldn`t give up as no matter what happens in life, God is always on their side and look for them from Havens.

For Your Glory

Our Lord is everywhere and as brave children, we should seek for him and praise for his help. It is a song about all efforts that man should take to see Lord. Nevertheless, all this path should be made for the glory of God, as it goes from the title. Tasha Cobbs provided her soul to offer listeners one of the best gospel music videos. Her efforts are appreciated.  

The Prayer

As it derives from the title The Prayer. The song provides light in forgotten souls. The protagonist of The Prayer asks Lord to guide him in darkness and be view in this darkness, do not leave him alone. Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli wonderfully expressed the central idea which can be placed in few words: Eterna Stella Sei. Lord is a star in the night sky that looks upon his beloved children.

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

One of the oldest gospel songs that is still popular amongst believers. The origin of the song goes to the year of 1860. It originally comes from a poem written by Anna Warner. A few years later, William Bradbury added some tune into the poem and provided Yes, Jesus Loves Me in today’s variation. Whitney Houston borrowed her talent to express this beautiful song to the eager public.

Break Every Chain

What do you desire to know the name, Jesus? It`s our savior and son of Holy God. He suffered for our sins, and he forgave us for everything. It seems that just his name can break every chain in the Universe. As it will be no more pain when he comes again in our world. He granted humanity a new possibility to find Havens in our hurts. As Tasha Cobbs sings, there is a real power in his name.

Worth Fighting For

This gospel song teaches people never to surrender as it`s always Lord by your side. Brian Courtney managed to express lyrics with determined accurateness. There is the whole world worth fighting for and with Lord`s help, a man can win in every battle for the right cause. The life is filled with many tests, but believers should know that every test is to be rewarded with high price from His hands.

Silent Night

 It`s a song about how the baby Jesus was born and provided humanity with a new era of God. Glory to the Son of God and Saint Virgin as they gave the world a new hope for the future. Jesus in one Holy Night could provide a world filled with new good deeds. One of the is most famous singers of the modern times, Beyoncé, managed to transfer the holy spirit of the song in her voice and passion to Lord.

Such an Awesome God

Lord comes in every face. For someone it`s so much awesome, he can`t hold it in himself and desires to sing how awesome God is. It`s true that Lord loves his children in many ways and provides something special for every child. Nevertheless, Kevin Levar tried to give to a name of God some modern charm. He can`t bear the truth about what he thinks about Lord as it`s natural to sing how awesome God is.

Love Him Like I Do

It`s truth that God`s love come in every shape and form, but younger generations desire to give the name of God a new option. Detrick Haddon along with his friends Ruben Studdard and Mary Mary recorded a Hip-hop version of love to Lord. It surely needs to be heard as it also a gospel song.

It Is No Secret What God Can Do

Elvis Presley is one of the most famous musicians all over the world. Even he couldn`t stand to sing the gospel of his love to God.

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