What are the best mama songs in Nigeria? – Top hits from Flavour, Chidinma, Yemi Alade, Olamide and others

Love your mama? Send her a nice Nigerian song about her. Get the top 5 best you can use.

What do you know about female achievements? Did you hear music about it? What is your favorite mama song in NIgeria? Is that the Flavour and Chindinma one?

 best mama songs in Nigeria

March is considered month of celebration of women and their progress. There are also two important March holidays devoted to women.

In honor of it, the musicians have created songs about importance of women in life of each person. We have chosen the best of Nigerian love songs. Look at the list!

best mother songs nigeria

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  • Flavour N'abania

Some time before Mother's Day, famous singer Flavour N'abania created the song "Mama". On a cover of this song is a shot from his frank photo shoot with Chidinma Ekile.

The song is addressed to all women. It is sung in the local language of Igbo. Singers tried to reach the heart of each person.


  • Chidinma

Besides a duet with Flavour, the singer has made the song, which is devoted to her mother. It is called "Martha". The girl admitted that her mother supported her during the most difficult periods of her life. The singer has told about one of them.

mama songs nigeria

It appears the girl was born blind. She told that her mother and father didn't depart from her for two weeks and asked God to bless their daughter. The singer is sure that their prayers have helped her to open the eyes. In two weeks, the girl began to see. She was a fragile child, but the mother always remained with her.

Now the singer does charity work. She helps blind people and considers that the world is too beautiful for not to see it. The girl has also had set up the Mma Charity Foundation.


  • Yemi Alade, Iyanya, Olamide, Tekno and Selebobo
    mama songs cute

Several the most famous Nigerian actors have united to write down the song by the Mother's Day too. It is called "Mama Oyoyo". It is very popular phrase, which is used by Nigerian children to greet mother who came back home.


  • ES Plus

cute nigerian baby

In honor of the international Women's Day, the duet created a new hit “R.A.W” (Respect A Woman).

This bright song will be pleasant to everyone. There is an excellent vocal of musicians. The hit really represents fragility and grace of women.


  • Chordratic Beats

best mam lyrics nigeria

On a holiday of mothers and women the group presented a new song. It is titled "A Mother's Tale". First of all, she is devoted to all mothers on the planet. In the song, musicians admire of infinitely kindness of moms' heart and their care. They advise listeners to sing this song to all mothers or women to express true love and gratitude.

So, this is top-5 songs about women. Enjoy the music and love your mother!

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