What City Do You Rep?spit About It.

I'm from d home of d turban where d lads r in purda

we makin stacks right on d corner with no powder

where only one famlay still steering the power

i feel like cud change it but i'm all about d counter

can u help me count

that's d word i say 2 my hard niggaz

and i'm well known around d block wit d managers

i'm talkin 'bout a state where u never see a real ballin wit a fake

so d couple haterz 'll be taking pills 4 'em ache(why)

we so tough but unfortunately kind of hardly seen

because my locals puttin 'em hands out like they in need of charity

but d word we spittin

believe it runs wit instinct

so when u right on my district

salute ilorin city.

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ha ha jerrymania i believe thats the name

ya can talk but you'll never have the game

some of us where born great, and others haters

i was born amongst greatness, but you is a fader

got cklicks on my tongue, innocent words like a nun

if ya had a ryhme book, i'd whipe my bum with it

if ya a had line man, you'd hang yoursely with it

i know your reading wondering how the hell i know it

but jerry its written all ober your name

this is a representitives arena

but dawg you in the middle of this is like a weenar

who released this lunatic from his jail cell

but since your out man, i'll put you in hell

yo talk about evil men your also evil man

but you've stepped on the wrong toes now i'm your demon

what the hell you gonna shoot us with, besides your Fluid

i'm comin through, actually i'm comin after you

pS it aint worth it, not even my worste s***


For d south niggas

Thank God we roll and stay in peace

goz for too many years watched what evil men did

our position in'this competition

is about our mission

its our rise to the top

no f*ck will stop our vision

and dese rugged real niggas got them riding in the skies

we pull the canon bomb and shoot niggas all up in they eyes

they still interrupting

Cuz when we step into the moon

as i assume

enemies plans aint comin tru

But just be careful when open your door

don't be surprised when u found out d niggas front of u came with a mob

goz we walk these streets

with our bare feets

kilometres dare to ride

looking down the street

to find a nigga who can coincide

with our thug figga

and any nigga who still reps for the street

and pour some little liqour for our gone fellas

goz redemptions coming from the street church

where Ghetto hoods collide for a common cause

and all in all In God we trust.


Aight i'm still in da building ilorin city gat my back 4 real

felt ya'll 've been spitting flames

i told ya'll b4 dis is d big boys zone

ain't 4 d lames so i'm gon be like starting it off again u kno my style


pls dislay wat u've gat

cuz we run d show

papoose just New York

but homey we run d globe

so light it up if u dead we'll pacify

but can't Bleep with ilorin city we r classfied

1st Take:

i gotta spit dis out cuz i'm owning God my testimony

i'm always at d corner in dis state of harmony

d pps here hard-hearted so they won't come 2 ur plight

d streets kinda clean like d beggars r on strike

but we still get money

right 4rm d spot u r gettin nothing

we conning d dumb with d scopes cuz they'r corny

now we made kingpins

felt like coming 2 ur zone but i'm in love with dis city

still pimpin discreetly ofcourse we r pretty

so when chicks looks at us

they'll be like damn thay r d real G

believe my words that's d way it goes in my County

so u don't need 2 kno abt d kinds of cunts we, Ya dig?

Support d greatness.


I asked God Y my verse missing he said James reverse d bibles

Hip-hop aint dead went on vacation that is why i flow in riddles

I rep lagos where Niggaz use bullet instead of ink to write verses

Police purchases em cracks and can't fuckin press charges

Shetta in surulere where we smoke cracks to stay high like airplanes

Call d place police rejected area(P.R.A) cause we dish tragedy in plates

Everyniggaz want to play wise like solomon nobody wants to be old news

City of excellence where u breed your dreams when acting no jews(ju man)

A city where d madman are most suspected cause they too are hustlers

your guns are better vigilant than your Unclad eyes cheddars aint got brothers

G-men on convoy alloy rims customised jersies poppin em thang on fridays

We make d beers see d skies on weekends no secret act like hood gays


My city neva sleeps

its shitty in d streets

on my balcony, checkin out d bosoms of them freaks.

We neva hit cybercafés anymore, our laptops iz top notch

and we wont stop til the EFCC starts raidin hotspots

We're hot shots,

weather's hot as hell but still we rydin drop tops.

The block's hot but we dont neva see no glocks popp'd, only rifles, man.

Knock knock,

who's there, the city dats got more honeyz dan d pooh bear,

they screw here & screw there,

get pregnant & their kids end up at d orphanage,

why? Cos these chickens dont know wat d Bleep abortion is!

Lastly I'd like to say I rep d hood dat bred d plantashun boiz,

all my Festac town muthafuckaz, make some noise!!


i'm from ilorin where we switch up game

mouth runners better get up lames

can't wait b4 we get ya'll outplay

court day only few is on case

shoot shots take shots 2 show ya'll whois at lost

only ballers standing us r dudes who gat d code thing

no disrecspect but unlike Po Deep

i really go deep in anything i say

but i soon as u see d shells that represent anything i spray

cuz where i stay niggaz don't wanna kno who u r

everybody be actin like nothing is really goin down

cuz u don't wanna start a beef over there

ur sis cud molest right at d spot where my dude sells tapes

kidnaped children even older one ritual

go 2 fuckin pastor but it's nothing spiritual

so better pay up they giving u an option

u neva wana see ur daugther's body in decomposition

it ain't no bluff u don't wanna come down here

try d cops line they 'll be like wat's up there

cuz our zones is restricted

switch off ur GPS cuz we out of existence.(Paper).


I'm from the city of drug dealers, where nigga reign SUPREME

Classify yaself a thug in New York n' get bodied n' thrown into tea

We misled u to captivity n' gather ya dear wishes

You a dead man walkin' that's what niggas nickname ya wit only 20gs

Bitches up in Harlem, the waves of Frank Lucas lives

City of Guiliani, even John Gotti got knocked out of his sh**t

In Queens, bout chinchillas, guns n' bleeped up rap monologues

Kids drop out of college cusz it obvious its a bleeped up system

Catalyes ya motives whenever u up in Brooklyn or the Bronx

Stra8 at ya, we rob u of ya chain, steal ya chick n' ya hood

We don't front cusz NOTORIOUS still the best sh**t that eva rocked Hip Hop

Now name anotha city that got somthin' similar to A GOD SON n' JIGGA HOV

Homie we Blow, In Queens we say Fu*ck G-unit, 50 and Chino XL

The MURDERERS IN TOWN, even the Feds cudn't stop our Bottom

So next u catch a case- You knw what it do- NEW YORK NEW YORK we still run sh*t


I came n shine

and i rein from moonshine

dont u eva think dat

time to shine

this is bigdiddo

u got to feel my style

rite here now

i wana brake it down. (grab!!)

As i gat that

i start my

undastand what i mean

and i pap mine

as i grab that

chk the mic out

i represent munshine

year straite up

blowin up the spat

with my flo sound hard

i dont need any blak mask

am a black man

Niger, Moonshine

i keep it lock down

i put it down

for the gees ready for the jam

dont u eva get it twisted

moonshine lon bo

mondo moti de tan

eyin ota keloro[i][/i]


LMAO @ Po Deep!


My feet tastes the ground in the city of Lagos/

death's the order o' the day when u livin' in Chaos/

from the seedy hate to the city rage/

livin' mouth to hand screamin' "gimme plates!"/

popo commit extra-judicials when the hollow-tips fly/

popos we depise, while street thugs blow the spliff high/

back home, you always watch your back homes/

never dream u git love/street thugs clap domes/

push shanks n steel enuff to crack bones/

on wax, i drop a sweet 16, but the sweet 16s give heartaches on street 16/

kids rarely listen but the ears sing when the steel glistens/

day we hustlin', by night we bubblin'/

throw dice at the street corners, playa cards be shufflin'/

hour mornin' rush with the danfos and taxis/

molues on a high speed chase, conductors cuss and blast thee/

peeps pick errwhere for homes and build shanties/

get at that last corner where fellas light that ease up/

**. . . . .poo damn, about to have class, maybe later i'ma spark the re-up!/


Ilorin? Thieving cunts dem!

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