What does Tuface tell about his coronation?

Have you heard of Tuface Idibia’s coronation? If no, you should check out this article where we expose his impression and shared experience.

2face idibia

Tuface Idibia is one of the most-known Nigerian singers. Recently he had an interview with Ebony Life TV’s representor where he shared his experience of being a father of seven, a husband and of being coronated as Tafidan Kudendan of Kaduna State.

Before telling you about his coronation we would like to take you back a few months ago when a real estate company honoured 2Face by givig his name to one of the streets in their properties.
He also recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of his daughter Ehi in United States.

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2face idibia

So, talking about his coronation Tuface claimed that everyone was impressed by his Vote Not Fight campaign during the elections. And after that, he says, they were acting like they’re going to honor him with a title. He thought it was a joke until the day when he received the letter with an invitation. And even making his way to the ceremony he thought that he would just get some recognition, but he really got the title.

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