What is 2face Idibia up in NIgerian music industry?

Have you heard of the Reach-Out Foundation? Find out what 2face is up to these days.

2face (or 2baba), who is also known as Innocent Ujah Idibia, is one of the most popular artists in Africa. Many people consider that he can become the representative of all musical industry of Africa.

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His songs are a mix of various genres: reggae, African motives, R&B etc. Together they make inexpressible impression. In each of hits, it is possible to see the lines, which are characteristic to his native land.

2face became an example for many Nigerians. He grown up in rather poor family, but has made a great progress and became the singer of a world class. Thereby he wanted to show new generation that everyone can achieve good results, regardless of where and by whom he was born. In his opinion, the main condition in the work is a conscientious attitude and love to the business.


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The singer also actively participates in charity. Thereby he received huge respect.

His 2face Idibia Reach-Out Foundation attracts a worldwide attention of people. He has devoted a great amount of time to give help to those, who really need it. The singer considers that the feeling that the person has made а good business is delightful. He also says that people shouldn't know from whom the help comes. It will be twice more pleasant.

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Innocent Ujah Idibia voted for the equal rights for women. Unfortunately, the meeting was closed. Heads explained it with traditional and religious reasons. But the man and his support promised to fight for the truth.

Besides everything, 2face likes to play video games, soccer, basketball and snooker. He approves African dishes and appreciates time, which he spends with children. If he wasn't a singer, he would probably be a goalkeeper.

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But fortunately for his fans, he became a performer. Listen to his music and enjoy it!

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