What should we know about Kevin Olusola?

Who is Kevin Olusola? How did his career start? Read the article to know more about his life and talents.

There are lots of famous and successful people, who take their roots from Nigeria. Kevin Olusola is one of them. Being well known worldwide, he makes all the Nigerians feel extremely proud. He is really many-sided personality with plenty of great talents. Being a gifted guy, he is also quite smart. His life is full of interesting moments, which are absolutely amazing.

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Kevin KO Olusola was born in the US state of Kentucky in 1988. His age is 27 by now. His dad originated from Nigeria, while his mother came from Grenada. His parents moved to America soon after getting married. Kevin attended the school based on Montessori method. Later he was transferred to a public school with the deep course of math. By the end of school, he has become a brilliant student graduating with high honors. During the studies, Kevin was involved in many activities, such as Spanish language lessons and music programs for kids.

After school, Olusola entered Yale. He wanted to learn medicine, but selected music major. When he had been chosen as one of the students for Chinese trip (for 10 days), he switched his major to East Asian studies. Kevin also spent 6 months in Beijing within PKU-Yale joint program framework. He had an intensive course of Chinese as well.

kevin ko olusola

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It is unbelievable but his parents assure that Kevin discovered his talent for music being 6 months old. At the age of 4, he already started piano lessons. Two years later, he tried cello and being 10 years old, he learnt to play alto saxophone. His passion for music grew at school, where he took part in jazz band, marching band, concert band, orchestra and great number of other things. At 12, he was chosen to visit Europe as a leading saxophonist.

In Yale, Kevin was a principal cellist. Only then he started to consider music as a future career. He began working on his new celloboxing, which is a fusion of cello playing and beatboxing. His first compositions were uploaded to YouTube. He also worked with famous American rappers. All the important stages of his development as a popular performer were in Chana. His videos have become extremely popular on the Internet. Soon Olusola was invited to Pentatonix. After their great success, they were offered to cooperate with Sony Music Entertainment. They had several tours together. Later, Kevin got more interested in songwriting and production activity. Today he is known as cellist, beatboxer, songwriter, record producer, singer and rapper.

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Interesting facts

There are a few things concerning his life and songs, which you will definitely want to know. Observe the following:

  1. He plays about 5 instruments. It seems that there is nothing impossible for this gifted man.
  2. Five universities offered him a place. Princeton, Stanford, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania were among them. Kevin decided to enter Yale.
  3. He can speak Chinese. Mandarin variety is not easy, but he has managed to learn it. Besides, he spent about 18 months in Beijing in general.
  4. His way to Pentatonix started in 2011. He was invited to join after one of his celloboxing videos had become outstandingly famous on YouTube.                                                                                         kevin olusola1
  5. He wished to become a doctor. Olusola even finished special courses for this. Moreover, his mother was a nurse and a father – a psychiatrist, which also had an influence on his choice. But his pre-med mentor gave him a good advice to link his life with music.

This magnificent musician proved his talent. He is now extremely popular with more than 700 thousand followers on Twitter. Nigerians might be endlessly proud to have such a country brother!

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