Whats Your Story?

i was born in d gutter watchin moms struggle to bring food home

daddy behind bars true story i lost love early nuff b4 i was grown

raisin me n my sis alone moms nearly went Unclad to keep us clothed

was young n blinded by d stories of love till my eyes unfolded

life is a different story u get shot in front of ur enemies by ur own hommie

show me somethin new ill show u how many peeps don died in d name of trust

love lies bleedin cos a brother let his paranoia mind rest for love n trust

now he rest wit dust im smokin heavy blunts chokin cos my chest still hurts

my breath still soar cos i cant leave my bed to not see u in d livin room

knowin u aint there got me thinkin how short live is n i mite b leavin soon

my eyes all teary i feel like im weak tho kanye says i gotta stay stronger

if life aint a Dam why does it feel like ill b much better if i dump her

wanna do it but my moms struggle is d reason y im holdin on longer

stickin around for d luv she showed me ever since i was a youngsta

and i appreciate it so i kno i gotta make it no matter wat i come to meet

no gimmicks this is my true story a youngsta from surulere husslin d streets,

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Yes; you are correct when you say I am a crane fly..


peter peter pum**pkin e**nter

has a w*ife n luv 2 beat har

smack ar a***ss in da cent**er

pet har n w**e**t har

she call a guy n he wil slap har

peter sc**ream woo ar fell better

off da b**ed

tells har ar luv u in blue

are luv u in red but most of all ar luv u in b**ed

lock ar in da house

bounce 2 work

peter mak is secietery s**uc**k is c**oc**k

wat a shock

his wife barg in witout a nock

blow is brain

call his name n e wont talk,

Is dis tragedy,comedy or remedy.


it's very obvious that Sauron has a very dark mind. . .hmmm



dats some wicked shitz u vee got there



The guy is damn good

I had to read that again


That is some deep shiznit . . . . . it takes a deeper mind to understand that sh*t!



, When i saw U,i appreciate nature,when i appreciate nature,i thank'd God,&God is happy cuz i appreciates his gorgeously made creature,

2 y'all out there,plz,try 2 appreciate thingz&people around cuz when u appreciate pple,pple wld appreciate u 4 appreciating 'em,through that u've got ur own appreciation, U c!

Keep it lock'd down gal,

Always Remember: BE URSELF!


This is my story y'all . . . . . . . . . . . true story!

People choose to pray prior to predicaments sustained

When the downpour pours, sainted holiness is claimed

Seems like everyday it rains, so everyday theres pain

Yet when theres sunshine why do we ignore his Holy name?

But I'm just as bad to blame guess its cause & effected

Thats why I write to clear my brain, because it affects it

Lord forgive me, I will change, its just these walls are infected

It's a dirty game, I must confess my affection

I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

Take the time to read my lines, my rhymes are the proof

I contemplate my life and all the drama i been thru'

Its like my last pursuit

Theres been no help ensued

But truthfully that aint true

My inside bleeds blue but its not

It just proves red upon the time it hits the spot

Enemies are out there looking for a new plot

Chamotex deserves to have another shot

Meaning things aint what they seem, people change in an instance

Life is but a dream, your closest friends become distant

Seems like the only thing is keep "close" friends at a distance

But cant resist the Man upstairs thats been with me since exsistence . . . .


@The retards

Ill on in ur retardity



Regardless of my confessions its difficult to forgive myself. . . .

Do I need help or should I place my life on the shelf??

I can dispose off all the lies, but the inside of em remain. . . .

Dang it, can't maintain the complaints when I'm tryin to explain

A circle of pain?? Not the best it’s a universe of death. . . .

We can be slowly diminishing even after one breath

I can't borrow the time, because my only power is mine

I only live one life and its always hatred and sorrow combined

Will God decline my shine, when i cross the thin line??

The war isn’t over til this tower is climbed

Fright has beaten me now i'm all wrapped up

I remember the time i was on the street. . . .

They thought i was going to get clapped up

I believe i do need help with all these words i spelt.

I'm not dropping and times, not stopping until i prove myself

This world reminds me of a dead end, everything has ended,

I’ve been transforming into someone else all this time i pretended

Been convicted of being addicted, i know the truth hurts,

All this commotion about devotion, i want to scroll into the future

They teach us that thugs are dummies and all they want is drugs and money.

But with all this hatred arriving i wonder does Jesus really love me??

Every word has a heart you can't laugh at one phrase,

I gotta re-gap my own way i feel like I'm trapped in a lone cage

I have to know where i shine, this path is no ones but mine

It’s hard to dream about dying when your life flash before ya eyes

The only friend i had was grandma and to her coffin i knelt

The pain is often, i felt and i don’t really love myself


Ganjamind , nice job keep it illing .I will be back to drop some couple of lines.

Yeah P back to the ish been spitting deliveries like pregnant women

Peace God realities bite in my cyphers am their foremen

Pops use to say if u cant dream it , you cant achieve it

Life got me on cold feet found my first love hiphop when i was 6

A shy nigga i was when it came to freestyling failure started caling

I will be back in some minutes Stevie wonder is staring


**************************ITS GOING DOWN********************************





I'm actually mad at you. You could burst 16s and u refused to grace this place ever since?

Lol. . nice bars.


Thinking about the years gone by, Reminiscing

Chilling, relaxing, sitting on the chair, Reclining

They thought I would never make it this far

Here I am, still spitting non-stop, 16 bars

“A closed mouth don’t get fed”, so I heard

“Never judge a book by its cover”, so I read

Naija born but representing London, South Eazy

We do it big y’all do it little like Weezy

Please don’t judge me; I can’t escape my past

Was myopic then, looking for a better sight

Investing deeply in themes to consider

I’m too far into it, no retreat no surrender

Bringing my friends close, my enemies even closer

Not Jude Law, they are just imposters

Setting goals so I can achieve them, I reckoned

Never scared of failure, kept pressing on

Couple of years later, dream became reality

Now its clear it wasn’t really hard to see

Feeling the pressure, weights were calling

I only dine with pounders, I’m like Sterling

Played out of position, versatility was essential

Change is constant and patience, instrumental

Succeeding in a competitive environment is not about luck

Life is full of resources, like a ripe fruit waiting to be plucked

We’ve made it this far, we can surely make it to the end

I wish you success in the future and over challenges ahead

To all my brothers/sisters, hold on tite mehn!, keep y'all heads up.



Im feeling really emotional . . . . . .


Many Mcs know that mic have spoken more history than any other,

From my day one on earth, I have become d classic wonder,

Born at the Southern base of Ondo, The Sunshine state,

Focused man, with 1 identity, Search for me on Google, am 2 straight,

The drama of the soldier aint nothing but real war,

Spit hardly before now, cos I's truly too hardcore,

'Tall started in my College, FGC boys in blue checks,

I dish freestyles out, like a millionare do cheques,

But outta skool was hell, S/L got many MCs still ahead,

CLD and Stramborella were happy to hear my style, when they heard,

I was used to multis before, i knew the meaning,

My stay in Surulere was what realy gave my disc the spinning,

Techniques was rising, punchlines was dirty,

I slam dunk flows with much authority, that was naughty,

I was doing myself the help, punching BJ, d dumb cant speak,

Now I kill him more on NL, his wounds he now lick, am too sick


It’s the 'bleeped up situations in life, I'm still trying to find elation in mine.

Be patient??. . . . .Yea right!! Not when this world is based on a nation of fights. . .

Frustration at nights . . . .Too many lives takin since the creation of knives.

Guns and such bombs. . . .Abusive dads and f'ucked up moms,

Kids that don’t understand what’s wrong. . . . .

I’ve seen all this poo i know what i am talking about. . . .

Used to fathers walkin out, B!tch!! Look whos gawking now

Sauron's seen friends turned enemies and enemies turn friends

I am sure rivals still be temptin me when this earth ends.

Letting free all these 'bleeped up emotions trapped up inside of me,

When i was three i remember hiding from the gunshots outside of me.

Is suicide whats right for me?? At night I cry privately. . . . . .

Asking God why i got left alone, disowned set to die in privacy.

Then my feelings suddenly change. . . .I can't give up i'm no Kitty-Cat.

I'm already fallin into the pits of hell, so why would it matter if you push me.

I’ve committed too many sins, witnessed to much death. . . . .

Turned into a criminal I didn’t want to, it was due to stress

Let me confess. . . .I was never a kind loving brotha.

I admit sometimes I lost ma head and went off on my mother

But shiznit took me to the point where I just wish I could recoup meself.

So I sit down put a glock in ma mouth and shoot maself!!!!


its no wonder we wanna live in our dreams wen reality is true lie

d gud die n im still holdin unto wateva is left its so hard to say gudbye

we v been hommies since buggle boys n jim jim kickin it d hood style

shaggin honnies y it gotta b my boy john i knew him he was a gud guy

real stand up kid fitin thru every last breath i told him go brace d nu life

now im stuck in dis hood high tryna figure out my next move if i shuld die

culdnt watch him suffer from d mental scar so i just prayd jah bless him wit peace

its hard knowin u fitin both physical n spiritual battles in dis world till u deceased

stuck in d belly of d beast seein my boy go down wit cancer makes me wanna give up d sticks

give up d licar give up dis yellow brother isht cos i watchd my brother die culdnt do nothin

n birds still talkin bout hits on dogs dey neva been in d shoes of someone who lost somethin

been in d shoes of a mom who lost her only son to d illness of her meal ticket

her tears rips my heart out knowin we was warned bout dem cancer sticks but we still took it,


Pass me da' mic, le'mme start ma' job of writing history

i need some Dam please, like xzibit, listen, don't diss me

thrustin' ma fo' fo' (.44) at fakerz who wanna put me under

f*ck that nigga, coz' i bet he just made a blunder

my childhood days, i reminisce of killin n' drinkin liqour

me so bad, ain't scared cops, i killed CRUDE ma' fuckin' mentor

these niggaz keep tellin' me, aint you scared of nemesis ~ child

i kill with faith that moves mountains than psychokinesis

. . . 2 be cont'd


i'ma do this real quick, ain't got time

my story? if you know Tupac's, the u prolly know mine

born in the prison while mom was there doing her term

dad sold our home for drugs, killed 'em stocks n closed d farm

f*ck it, i started slanging before i completed elementary

i got the penitentiary for ma' home, kill wit immense gravity

i sleep with shells in ma pocket, f*ck 'em f*cking imposters

who want to snatch my daily bread, i shoot em up like gangstaz

thug living, even God can't change this heart of glock spillin

d*ck riddin be my daily affair, it don't matter 2 me as long as i'm killin

got lotza bitches on me, makavele's a playa with no attitude

kick 'em bystanders up high, like airplanes, they f*ckin catch altitude

didn't attend junior high, coz' i got the mistress tossed up

we had it in the bathroom, i got kicked out n' locked up

now i rep da westcoast, and i dare 'em niggaz to copy me

welcome to da cemetary, coz' its d next thing they see


hashbaybee aint gat a story 2 tell,cos he ain't no snitch and he ain't gonna cough.

ma mic is like bottled water,so u know i ain't gat bi ness with cops(CUPS)

always had the street swag,even if i was short of d tins dat other kids had.

ricky rossing like everyday am hustlin for the cash just 2 make up wads

dats ma story, wots urs?



Hey!!! I noticed a lotza tantrum in that line. . . . . .Slow it down bro 'fo u fuccking kill somebody. . . .damn!


word i started kickin it in here cos of d luv for rap heads like me

showd my skillz raw took it to war wit d R still aint none like me

kept it scorchin hot niggaz sayin dey hot but dey dont burn like me

even if dey stay switchin like lite switches dey still dont keep it on like me

unlike me most of dis cats up in dis thread still tryna get a clue of wat hip hop is

cats rappin witout rhymes multiple wackness from multiple i.ds n u say hip hop lives

its dead my nigga n yll killed it wit no order mockin d originality wit blasphemy

i brought it true laid d trend down n shaz tried to tutor y'll on lyrical alchemy

but yll stuck on wackness like dirt on earth tryna destroy every nu thread made

grown cats cursin like gals got me wonderin if rap don turn to a circus or stage

im tryna get paid n yll clownin on d net like yll gettin paid off it but d truth u niggaz is weak

scared to beef i suggest u take it out like a man n call a nigga out if u got somethin to speak

where d Bleep v y'll been if u so battle hungry y dont u take it out to d street n gain credibility

not enimity on d net punk! it aint beef wen u aint ready to battle isht is hysterical n lame

fcukin kiddin me yll gotta b more desperate than the housewives on westeria lane

dat lil nigga talkin foul u bout to pay by chokin hard on ur words d next time u say my name,


Erm. . . . . .J-Unit, let this be the last time u'll ever say poo about me ok. . . . . .come to think of it, u're like 13 goin to be 14 next year aiite? I'm an elderly person to u. . . . .I mean old enuff to father u, ok? So, pls let the disrespecting stuff ends here. . . . . .this aint no threat. . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . .Peace!


ksmallz u are whcker than crude is.


K-Smallsz pls go for seriuos tutorials. . . .ok. . . .no disrespeckin


Gimme the mic Ganja, i'm fittin to. . . . . .Hey! yo dude check this out . . . . . . . . . . . .

Been runnin this game like marathon/

Wealth, Mayorship n fame, i'm struttin to be 'em paragon

I done turned on ma high beams n seen what i got ahead/

Seen what i got at hand, i'm juttin all out on the ledge

don't nobody act a stopper/

N!gga do u roger? It aint never over until i got murdered

If positive don't shed no tears/ if u had to, shed few blood/

Shred few butts/ take ma girl if she b tempted to touch

I done work it out this a:m while blazin leaves/

If u're giving what it takes, be ready to take what it gives

"Crude died trying"? Tsk! put that in ur comedy book

I got ma reaping tools/ it is by the crook or by the hook

've been plunged over the cliff, son see why i'm peeved/

Lost ma mind like ma twin bro. guess how i'm grieved

I done wrote a 4 'S' slogan since i was ten/

On the [b]S[/b]treet i [b]S[/b]truggle n drip [b]S[/b]weat without expendin [b]S[/b]trenght

Getcha ya money long? i'll get mine hard like a real hussler

I fancy dying hussling proper/ than living life as pauper

It's a long hard ride/ I've been comin a long way I,

wont step back from takin the trek till i die or hug the sky


while oritz was singin africa is d best place

dem a schemin ways of war to increase d death rate

im sick got me feelin like im stuck in a death race

my whole life gotta b a game like im stuck in a damn maze

in a sec bullets flyn finna duckin dem strays gotta stay alert its no joke

time tickin n it aint my friend cos my bills comin in plus im so broke

my girl leavin my Bottom cos rhymes dont buy her make ups n clothes

im tryna make it up to life but its too dark i hope i make it past dis road

situation got me shell shock cant drown in dis storm gotta outlast dis foes

double every cents to 50 till my buck get old Bleep im still young i can trash dis hoes


Hey yo im still hungry thirst dried up blood in my eyes im a joke it aint funny

i seen dem lil boiz pullin up in nu whips talkin yahoo paid i need dat money

d streets is up to no gud i don heard dat all my life i dont need dat mummy

need no sermons i gave my confessions carry an xtra for protection i aint no dummy

my brain gotta get rite wen i feed my tummy so i stay focused till my duffle rise

muggin all day if i cant break d iceberg den its fo sure i got d heat to melt d ice

it aint a thing its goin down either ways n somebody is gettin paid tonite fo real

xtractin d connects stay bombin till i get a reply sure nuff to make a true deal

dats d spirit but d cops wanna cramp i aint cashed no check yet dey buggin

wanna make a record outta lil thangs im grown i dont do lil thangs im big ballin

still muggin wit a military mind cold heart for war my movement is life or death

survivin aint a chance to sleep stay workin till i cant work cos im short of breath

aint gettin short of bread xcept i get shot for dead hommie dont sweat my techniq

i was born were niggaz dont buy talk cos talk is cheap dey listen if ur tech speaks

checks big den we gots somethin to talk bout hommie cos money is todays comfort

cant buy happiness but keep u cozy sleepin on kingsize bed wit bitches takin cumshots,


bless dawg its all luv,


Yeah i noticed man! u're just killing lyrics over and over again, that's drugs, maybe i should call u drugs mind. . . . . . . .lol. . . . . . . .

I luv ur styles dowg


@crude it just lyrics n me


Yo! Slow it down man, damn!


life gotta b a fcukin ocean because i keep hittin storms

growin up in d gutter made miseries a part of d norm

trying to break free bounded in this garment of vanity

immorality seems to b d very part of me i get in touch wit

now im stuck wit my whole nightmare,reality n my fear

partially im rite here but d rest of me is wonderin to meet charon

this life i lead of drug tales n cop chase fcukin hoes my mind is like a loaded canon

finna blow im muggin all day strugglin to get a good piece of d pie

moms like boy keep your mind str8 proceed through loyalty your limit is d sky

only thang above ya is d heavens i kno but im way deep wit d brethrens

in a min u die  if u caught sleepin i stay tickn like d clock because morrow brings karma

errday we sow so today i do what we gotta do because no matter amma meet wit d drama

i sleep wit d hammer n stay flamable so we both burn if u got plans to lite

only thang i ask from u lord is to give i d strenght n d chance to fite

because no matter i kno it keeps comin xpecially when hope is overboard

but today while im still breathin amma live like d champ till its over lord,


@wordsmith was in UI till 06 don left there,

greatest U.I recognise


@ ganjamind,

fa real, u's a UIte? Another UIte over here. As a matta fact, on my way to Ibadan right now. . .

What it is, you in school or what?


still sleepin on the same bed wake up starin @ d same mirror/

was femi on d top bunk now his absence is becomin realer/

never turnd a joint down we puff together burnt our fingers from d killa/

had eachothers backs cool buddies been kickin it since ice T did cop killa/

runnin d campus together through definition of brothers runnin dere game/

life never brought it fair tho we stayed afloat focusd on changed/

uites for real on that street off bodija where u fought till death/

what mo horror culd life bring dan brothers takin other brothers breath/

damn if another mother wept aint mine d kind of life this gang taught me/

playd d cards i was given time to face d outcome of what my fate brought me/

tots hunts me/my mind is terrified by my capabilities if confronted wit war/

pray for d lords mercy cos ve been deep wit revenge from what my eyes saw/

remain strong through this torments mite b takin somethin i can't bring bak/

its either me or them lord my soul is restless need d strenght to paybak/

everyday is d same hell on a diff page comin at me im smokin haystack/

wonderin if ill make it to nirvana wit femi kickin my hook on this same track/


I rep HV1. . Here i come

ever since i been a young 'on, i got touched by the gun

pops kept it up on the roof

man's gettin spoofed. . Ever since the black man got duped

lil kid like mine gettin killed on the street

sweating out too much blood cuz my heart don't beat

in a word. . Difficultys for me, na. . I got served

by the Lord

so i got to live by the Word

reppin HV now for all my cousins have been through

i can read ya pain like y'all wearin a see-thru

sorry for the structure. I'll reword when i'm on my pc


Hmmmmmm. . . . . . .

After Dad disavowed us, poo got serious

Leaving us to streets, that was so perilous

took it's tolls on the children, then i was like 10

I dropped out of school, because dad stopped the payment

I wept in rage, broke my pen n tore up my books

Gotta ride with soulja heart, i buckled up my boot

My 1st step into the streets is still in my head

11yrs old hanging out with Big K, Shigo n Fred

Thugs kicks the fiery spot n took me in as mascot

Soon i was on cigar. then moved to smoking pots

Wandered into the heart of the street gettin mixed ups

I heard Big K's out of the picture laid out in his Blood,

With his 2 eyes plucked, took 7 from gun shot

It aint an admirable isht, Oh! i missed him a lot

Shigo got bursted for some felony now he's doing his time

Fred disappeared, he's wanted for his impact in the crime

Forgot ma education, dreams shattered, i lost ma vision

Avoided mum's relation, she's weary with frustration

In my life i leant God makes men, street made gangsters

Poverty bolt me off balance, i swing back n staggered

Leaving from hand to mouth, struggling from west to south

$ cash is all i'm about, watever it takes i'll give it out

I hope u heard me mama, it's your cupcake saying i'm sorry

See this as a preface, Mayne mine is an unending story


Ok ganjamind. . . . . .i love that isht. . . . . .hold on a sec



i tried to walk in my pops shoes since he got pinched

try to picture what my moms went through culdnt get a clear flick

pressure buildin up was becomin aware to drugs @ d busstops

juvenille male never listened to moms love to hang in ruffspots

till i opend up d gates 4 big iyke dey came in wit him n he got shot

we got robbed my early life in lawanson was nothin but blood spot

startd packin havin tots of flyin but abdul made me give to d lord

my boy kayo said he protectn himself only begs 4giveness from God

mike made me go to d church till he got stabbed over a 3310 on d corner

god don't like ugly but lawanson ghetto made me game wit d water

came from d gutter don't push me i kno d streets from empire to akala

smoked weed wit aro in olly lagos island u see a real dog don't halla

i been through it all life wit d wildest wind blowin to wreck what we trying to build

nites witout d moon lite to reveal wats lurkin on this evil streets avenue

born in 57 goddamn street off misery roads in surulere thorns

i kno amma make it to heaven because hell is were i was born,


This is wat it is. . . . . . .

After birth the stelch that hits me gets me whoopin Cough

Mama said better get used to it, this here is ur lil turf

Like my cradle was made of rock cs there aint much fluff

Pain begot pains, that's the reason i aint soft

I thut Dad never cares or he did, he aint always there

I frowned @ him he said the reason i aint always near

's a man that''ll thrive''s always rise by 5 n strive/

lest the aftermath pains''ll be more than hive to his life

So i grew up to understand, Money Makes a Man

But u gotta make a plan, so i took my balls in my hand

My stress my pains, My tears my aim, My Sweats in the Game

Is all i'ma use against this mur'th4ka named Mr. Shame

from when i was an itch in my dad's pant, i've been husslin

I once thought living was my greatest Short-coming

In the long run, i copied that life aint one sweet song

I learnt it, but singin it life long? Naw! I aint the One


Kinjdda love this dawg, neways i've got tales to tell too. but i'ma do it later

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