When is Drum Festival 2016 in Ogun State?

Love drum music? Find out when and where the Drum Festival 2016 would take place. Do not miss this fun event.

Good news for music admirers. The audience will be able to see well-known Drum Festival in the Internet! The government of Ogun state has resolved the admission of the first part of Nigerian show. It will pass very soon. Approximate dates of drum festival 2016 are the following: from April 19 to 22. Preparation is under way. It will take place in Abeokuta.

 Drum festival 2016 in Ogun State

An opportunity to see a festival online has allowed admirers of drum music to watch the performance from any point of the world. Now it isn't necessary to leave the house to enjoy this annual this gorgeous musical event.
Mr. Oladipo, responsible for culture and tourism in the country, has promised to create the highest drum in the world by the time of show opening.

Drum festival 2016

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Drum festival is annual thing, which has been created by the government. Maintenance of cultural values of Nigeria became a main goal of this performance. According to producers, it is one of the most effective ways to distribute information about their cultural heritage worldwide.

When is Drum festival

Jide Ojuko, one of representatives of local authorities, has declared that the festival has been created not only with purpose to entertain citizens. ‘We have to remind people of music and dances which are our elements. On this event, we see a need to advance traditions’ – he said.

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