Where Are All This Musician Now?

As a little kid growing up, i used to hear stories about all this musician. But where are they now? Do they still sing?

Majek Fashek

Nkechi Ojugbana

Stella Monye

Bongos Ikwe

I.k Dairo

Ebenezer Obey

Dizzy k Falola

Felix Liberty

Dan Maraya Jos

Funmi Adams

Danny Wilson

Evi Edna Ogoli

Bonny Mark

Uche Ibeto (Africa mama i think)

Charlie Boy

Shina Peters



Mighty Sparrow

Ras kimono

chaka chaka Yvonne

Yellow man

Max Romeo

musical youth

bonny M

Evelyn king

donna summer

Please add as you remember

Where are they now?

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I still cannot believe you could still grasp some lines, i dont even think i could except "I wake up everyday, to say my prayers , Etc", "thanking you mister D.J for playing my song". but you did a great work on your memory. keep it up. lets celebrate our great musicians. may be we could request for a special community here in nairaland that caters for such things were we could also paste their lyrics from those who are very vast about it.


Yvonne Chaka Chaka's From me to you


Does anybody have any of these oldies, Cos i'm dying to hear some good ol music.

I take action today- Oritz wiliki


My broda, No be today, Children of nowadays na 50cent and r.kelly dem sabi,


Wow!! Gone are those days,

Birthday party hit record, Edna Ogholi, UU yah, I wish you happy birthday, UU yea, Very very many happy returns

Rap record , Danny wilson, Gimme gimme gimme gimme 999, I wanna talk to the D.P.O, gimme gimme gimme gimme 999, I killed the woman I loved

R&b Fummi Adams, Mama, Thank you for your love, and care,

Ras Kimono, Another birthday party banger, A rhumba stylee, styleeee,

Stella monye, Damn I've forgotten her songs

Onyeka onwenu and sunny ade, If you love, you go wait for me (All time classic)

Felix liberty, (another forgotten memory)

Oritz williki, (gimme little sugar for mi tea, me no want no cake)

The mandators,

A T and T boy (I hope I spelt it right), I don tire, I don tire, I dey go back to my village, I dey go plant cocoa, I dey go plant cassava (chop I chop)

Damn!! Those were the days, But it's all gone now


My friends, there is another thread addressing this concern, as well!

It is called "Whatever Happened To:?"

Many listings are there. Check it out!

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