Which channel shows The Voice Nigeria 2016?

Love TV shows? Watch The Voice Nigeria and enjoy yourself. The show is on. Find out what channel to turn on.

Good news for all admirers of music! On April 10, the new musical exhibition The Voice Nigeria starts. The production is African version of the international vocal project submitted in 50 countries on all continents of the world. The Voice is considered really unique musical contest, which essentially differs from all vocal competitions in search of musical talents.

The Voice Nigeria 2016?

The best voices of the country can become participants of the music reality show for their uncommon vocal skills. At the same time, there are no certain genre criteria. Participants can show the outstanding vocal abilities both performed by the jazz or pop, in national songs or classical vocal.

Which channel shows The Voice Nigeria

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Audience will be able to see a premier on Africa magic channel. Jury and mentors of participants will be famous musical performers: Waje, Timi Dakolo, Tuface and Patoranking. Under their management, contestants will be able to be called the real Nigerian talent.

Which channel shows Voice Nigeria

The vocal competition consists of six stages: blind listening, duels, knockouts, quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. At each stage of show, participants will show their skills on a scene, and in final part, the audience decides destiny of contestants. The winner of the competition gets a title ‘The best voice of the country’, cash bonus and signs the contract with leading recording studio.

The first display will take place at 19:00. Don't miss it!


I love this show but as for me, it is becoming less and less honest with each passing year. Many talented people come and mediocre units are apparently so necessary, but still disappointing. And despite all this, I continue to watch every issue, but here is such a strange person. Well I can not without creativity, no art, no music, nothing can not help it. It's nice that such shows provide an incentive to others to try and strive for more, because competitors will not allow room for error. I look forward to the new season, will once again catch each issue as hungry))

Answered 1 year ago.

I am very fond of music, that is, love to listen to her, and I really like this kind of transmission, like to listen to new and unique, and have not yet izvesnye voice. Because there are many people who have great talent, and about which no one knows, I like to listen to the new songs as well, because at such shows people have not only sing other people's songs, and come with their own compositions. Of course, I only watched such programs show on TV, but I would very much like to visit it on themselves, to feel the atmosphere of this great talent show. Thank you for the article, we shall follow the development of the show, and we will vote for pets.

Answered 1 year ago.
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