Who are the most famous music producers in Nigeria?

We all love listening to music, but not always we know who stays behind of creation of music. Let's see some music producers of Nigeria.

Many connoisseur of music videos usually don’t really know that there are somebody existing behind the other side of the scene, who is responsible for creating and directing the beautiful and amazings scenes that make the videos what they are for us. In our list we represent you 5 top music video directors of Nigeria.

Adasa Cookey 

He dumped the telecommunications sector for entertainment and won the gold in 2012 when he created the music video "Boy’s Like To Party”. This music video predetermined his career. By the way he worked with DJ exclusive, D’ Prince, Samklef, Ketchup, Splash and others. It was gathered that his payment is very big, but sometimes is various. He charges upcoming and established artistes differently, but he refuses to create a video that is less than N1.6 million. 

In an interview he gave once , he stated “I am actually a self-trained director. I did not go to film school. I thought myself everything I needed to know because it was where my passion is. I won’t say that I didn’t have the opportunity to go to film school because if I wanted to go to film school, I would have but for some reasons I just didn’t go and I didn’t see it as necessary at the time. But I have been in a class where film was taught. It was just a short course. And it was not film making per se, it was producing. That does not teach you to be a film maker. It teaches you the basics of the business,” he explained. 


Matt Max 

Mathew Abiodun Aina is also known as Matt Max is another top rated music video director. Despite the fact that he has been registering low patronage since he got married, he was developing his skills and reativity . Thanks for his efforts today many people consider him as one of the best directors. It was fixed that his salary is about of N1.2 million and above. 

Clarence Peters 

Clarence Abiodun Peters is a Nigerian music video director, moviemaker and cinematographer. Peters was born in a very famous family. He is the son of Sir Shina Peters that is musician, and Clarion Chukwura, she is an actress. He is the founder and CEO of CAPital Dream Pictures. production company that specialises in the sphere of the performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video. Also he is the founder and CEO of Capital Hill Records.

Clarence is very strong in the music video game; he still holds sway amidst his rival. Once he spent more than six million naira to shoot a four minute musical video.

Mohammed Musa 

“The type of business I run is a film & video production company, Online Video Broadcaster of UK & Afrobeat music culture.” That was Moe Musa whose first notable work came out when he directed the EME video “Get Down Tonight”. This helped him so much, and improved his career. He is author of famous videos for Wande Coal, Iyanya, Ice Prince, Fuse Odg, Seyi Shay, May D, Dr. Sid and others. He is one of the most requested music video directors in Nigeria. He charges N2m and above. 

“We do everything from your high end glossy music video, internet music promo, viral marketing videos, events coverage, behind the scenes, short films and documentaries,” he added. 

Patrick Ellis 

Patrick Ellis is one of the fastest developing music video directors in Nigeria. There is no distrust that musical videos were created by this director are mastepieces in the Nigerian music industry. One of those who brought glamour into it is this young and vibrant dude who shot ‘Holla at ur boi’ for Whizkid. 

During the short time, Patrick Ellis has created approximately 30 great musical videos. His first video was for Samklef Labalab, and later he has created a series of great videos like Sheyman, Lie, Dude Tetsola, More than music, El-Phlex’s Let go.
So, these were 5 best music video producers. They made an effort to be the best in their business, and I think that they are successful!



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