Who are the nominees of Grammy Awards 2016?

Follow all the latest music news? Get a list of the names and photos of the Grammy Awards nominees for 2016.

A few days ago the annual Grammy-2016 awards ceremony came to the end in Los Angeles. Who were the participants? As usual, there were all the brightest stars of the world musical industry. That evening Taylor Swift, Adele, Justin Bieber, John Ledzhend, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and even Johnny Depp appeared on the stage.

nominees of Grammy awards 2016?

Nominees of Grammy

Let's remember who has been declared by National academy of Art as nominees:

• First, the absolute leader in quantity of the nominations was Kendrick Lamar. The rapper, who has written the composition Bad Blood with Taylor Swift, was presented in 11 nominations.
Kendrick Lamar.

• T. Swift was nominated both for the Album of the year and the Song of the year. She also applies for the Best duet and Musical clip with Kendrick Lamar.
T. Swift

• Ed Sheeran was nominated as well – the record of the year and The Best Pop-performance.

Ed Sheeran

• As Best New Artist applied: Courtney Barnett, James Bay, Sam Hunt, Torri Kelly, Meghan Trainor.

• Such bands as Death Cab for Cutie, Highly Suspect, Muse, Slipknot are nominated for the award Best rock album.


• Amy Winehouse was supposed to get the second posthumous award in the Best Documentary category.

Amy Winehouse

• And Rolling Stones for the Sticky Fingers edition – in category the Best collection.

Rolling Stones

Who was awarded?

Now we can observe those prominent performers, who have actually got Grammy.

• As it was supposed, Taylor Swift received it for Album of the year, the Vocal pop-album, and for the best clip in a duet with Kendrick Lamar.

Grammy awards 2016 Taylor Swift

• The prize in the category Song of Year was won by Ed Sheeran. The musician also got the prize as The Best Soloist in Pop Performance.

Grammy awards 2016 Ed Sheeran.

• The award Record Of The Year was received by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson for Uptown Funk track. Mars and Ronson also became winners in the category The Best Pop Duet or Group.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

• Justin Bieber also got the Grammy award. It happened for the first time. Jack U and he won in The Best Dancing Record nomination with their composition Where're U Now.

Justin Bieber

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The Grammy-2016 awards, as always, became one of the most striking musical events of the year. Audience and actors were both pleased and disappointed. Many of them hope to see Adele, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga with a prize in their hands next year. Wish good luck to others, who, unfortunately, didn't receive it. We also advise to watch the ceremony to everyone, who hasn’t done it yet.


I love the Grammy Awards in 2016, always reviewing the internet, and am a fan of one of the sites, this year my favorite was Lady Gaga, because I love her work, we can say that just crazy about him, ached for her. But the participants were all decent, so I was a fan of John Legend, just as I liked. All were worthy of victory, just got on this nomination.I really like the nomination of this kind, because I love music, and now I look forward to next year, I wonder who will participate.

And who would be the best again.

Answered 1 year ago.

In the following awards selected only the best of the best. Each year, watch out for those who received the award. And I think they deserve this award. Here is one of them Taylor Swift a very good singer. I am delighted with her album, her performance of songs. It is very difficult to get these awards. These talented people have put a lot of work to earn and win the prize. But I feel sorry for their wives, men and kids. They rarely see them. Constant touring and concerts. Still need to sacrifice something to gain rank or title. Not all agree on this. Many good singers coming down from the race due to lack of time for family.

Answered 1 year ago.
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