Who is the best Timaya ft Don Jazzy?

These Nigerian celebrities have created many great hits. Learn more of them and compare.

What do you know about Timaya and Don Jazzy? Who's richer and more popular in Nigeria? Who is the most outstanding Nigerian artist of them? Let’s compare their achievements, fans, and music and see.

don jazzy ft timaya

Timaya and Don Jazzy biography

timaya biography

As for Timaya, this popular singer and songwriter was born in Rivers State. He grew up in family of 15 children and was the smallest of them. Real name is Enetimi Alfred Odon and he is 38 now (born in 1977). He went to school in his native city Port Harcourt. He has been very keen on music since school days. During that time, he even broke house rules to visit different music events. Before finishing school, Timaya together with his brother and sister were sent to Lagos. He graduated from Grammar school.

After this, he went to the university in Port Harcourt, but left it after his first semester. Timaya came back to Lagos. He joined Eedris Abdulkareem's hiphop band as backup vocalist. However, in three years, he started solo career. The first hit record by Timaya was called Dem Mama. In 2007, he released his first album, named True Story. He has released six albums by now and continues his work.

Timaya has gained popularity from the very start of career. You can find various songs created by this artist, as he prefers to use different genres, including Dancehall, Ragga, Afro Hip hop, Afro Beat, and Soca. His latest album, called Epiphany, was released in 2014. Moreover, he has won 6 awards during his career.

daughter of Timaya

Concerning his personal life, he isn't currently married. However, he has girlfriend and a daughter. According to the social media, they are expecting the second child soon.

Another prominent artist, Don Jazzy, is also known by his real name Michael Collins Ajereh. Jazzy was born in Abia State in 1982. So, he is now 33, a bit younger than Timaya. He was raised up in Lagos. He obtained his school education there. As he claims, he has always been interested in music. It has probably started from age of four. At 12, he started to develop his skills for bass guitar.

don jazzy biography

In 2000, he went to London and started playing drums in church. During that time, he tried many jobs to support his living. In 2004, he signed partnership with D'Banj to set up the Mo' Hits label. Thus, he became a famous producer.

don jazzy family

He cannot call himself a recording artist, but he is responsible for most background vocals in songs for musicians he produces. During his career, he's managed to get great number of awards. He is now Chief Executive of Mavin Records. He has already worked with many outstanding rap artists, such as Jay-Z and Kanye West.

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Net worth of Timaya and Don Jazzy

Both Don Jazzy and Timaya are listed in the ranking of the wealthiest musician in Nigeria.

timaya ft don jazzy the richest

Timaya’s total net worth comprises $5.5 million. He also has lots of followers and view on YouTube.

As for Don Jazzy, he is much richer. His net worth totals $35 million. He's well-known in sphere of music production. He produced D’Banj to international superstar, and when D’Banj left, he produced other superstars.

Timaya ft Don Jazzy

don jazzy

Now you may consider the achievements of two celebrities. It is really hard to say, who is better, as both of them are internationally-known and talented. The only thing, which we can compare, is their income. It is obvious that Don Jazzy is much wealthier than Timaya. Besides, he is several years younger.

Nevertheless, we can wait for something interesting and extraordinary from these two performers. Each of them is good at his sphere, whether it is production or singing. Let’s wait a bit and see, what else they will show to us.

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