Who is Wizkid?

Do you know Wizkid biography? How much money does the singer get each year? Read the information below to learn these facts.

Rap industry in Nigeria is very different. New performers appear on stage. Many of them achieve success quickly enough. One of such singers is Wizkid. He has entered into music world rather recently and has reached huge popularity. Read who is Wizkid and interesting facts about him.

wizkid biography

How old is Wizkid?

He was born on the 16th of July, 1990. He is 25 years old.

Wizkid biography

He is a musical performer and the author of songs. The guy began his musical career in 11 years. At this age he released an album with Glorious Five. In 2009, the singer concluded the contract with sound recording studio. The success came to the singer in 2010. In 2014, the second album was released.

Besides solo career, the guy repeatedly cooperated with many famous artists. Among them are: Bracket, Lynxxx, KCee and others.

How old is Wizkid

Wizkid has been awarded numerous times by prizes for a contribution to Nigerian music. The artist has MTV Europe Music Award, BET Award, World music Award and many others. In 2010, he took the fifth position in the Forbes list. The performer has also entered in top-10 of the richest people of Nigeria in 2014.

The singer has great popularity in Instagram. His profile is constantly visited by 1.7 million subscribers.

Who is Wizkid father?

Nobody knows who the singer’s father is. In one of interview Wizkid said that his father has 3 wives. It is all what is known about him.

Wizkid net worth

Who is Wizkid sister?

The man has a beautiful sister. Her name is Lade. She is still a schoolgirl. Lade visits one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria.

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Wizkid girlfriend

Tania Omotayo was the singer's girl rather long time. But the couple has separated. He also has a pretty child from the first spouse. Now he is 6 years old. Recently the second baby was born. Now he is 3-months-old. Sola Ogudugu became his mother.

Who is Wizkid father

Wizkid net worth

He is one of the richest people in Nigeria. His yearly salary equals to 11.5 million dollars.


Now performers, singers, a lot, but very few really talented people, because everything can be bought and made money. This singer, I learned for the first time of this article, as it turned out he had a very interesting and diverse people. Good for you that's what it seeks and achieves this. Malden talents necessary now, but really good. I really enjoyed this article, because I'm very interested in music, the singer became a discovery for me. Now I will follow his destiny and further creativity.

Answered 1 year ago.

How old is Wizkid

He is only 25 now, but he is quite mature as an artist. He has managed to reach the top of the industry in a few years. And he has always been keen on music.

Wizkid music

You should know that Wizkid songs are extremely popular far beyond Nigeria. His preferable genres include afrobeats, afropop, and reggae. He has done much for Nigerian music industry and has got plenty of achievements. Besides the awards he obtained, Wizkid has been nominated three times at MTV Europe Music Awards and four times at World Music Awards.

Does Wizkid have a child?

There have been many rumors concerning his personal life. However, now we know some facts for sure. Wizkid girlfriend’s names is Tania Omotayo. Besides, he has accepted his fatherhood lately. Wizkid fathered his first child being 21 years old. His son’s name is Boluwatife. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know that this kid is from the other woman, and not from his girlfriend.

What can we expect from Wizkid soon? Another child? A new profitable endorsement deal? Who knows. But we can wait for new prominent singles to be released, this is for sure!

Answered 2 years ago.

Who is Wizkid? Have you listened to his songs? Have you met him? Get to know something more about him from this article right now!

Wizkid biography

His real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. This prominent musician was born in 1990. By the age of 25, he's managed to become an outstanding recording artist, performer, and songwriter. Wizkid grew up in Lagos. His family was large enough and Wizkid was the smallest of six kids.

It might surprise you, but his career has started at age of 11, with the release of his first album called Lil Prinz. Then he was Glorious Five member. After this, he met OJB Jezreel (producer) and a year later started to record. By 2009, Wizkid has become a household name.

Wizkid’s debut studio album was released in 2011. One of the singles from it known as Holla at Your Boy and a video were very praised by the audience throughout Africa. He has released five albums by now and has received about 18 awards by now. Wizkid latest songs are very popular among his fans. Thus, he keeps gaining fame every day.

In 2013, Wizkid founded his label Starboy Entertainment. He is also famous for his successful endorsement deals, such as ones with Pepsi, MTN, and Guinness. So, his net worth might shock you, as he is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

Answered 2 years ago.
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