Who is Yinka Ayefele?

Gospel music cannot be separated from those performing it. Find out more about the personality of Yinka Ayefele Gospel artist.

How much do you know about gospel music? In fact, it has become really popular in Nigeria. One of the prominent and significant performers of this genre is Yinka Ayefele. Let’s find out more about the man, who has done a lot for development of this music within the country.

who is Yinka Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele biography

This wonderful artist was born in the state of Ekiti. His native city is called Ipoti. His family belongs to Yoruba ethnic group. The majority of them are Christians and he was brought up according to their traditions. He obtained full secondary education at Our Saviours Anglican School. Then, he entered College of Arts and Science in Ondo State.

Yinka Ayefele biography

Before starting his music career, Yinka has worked on radio. He was a journalist and a broadcaster. He began recording in 1997 after a car accident, which had damaged his spinal cord. One of his friends proposed him to work together on several compositions. In 1996, they released Yinka’a debut album called Bitter Experience. It has brought him much fame. He has recorded 19 albums by now. The latest was in 2015.

During his career, he has received plenty of awards. Besides, he has become a member of Order of the Niger and got Ekiti cultural ambassador award.

How old is Yinka Ayefele?

By now, Ayefele is in his late forties. However, he keeps creating and recording new songs. He has already obtained more than 200 awards.

Yinka Ayefele singer

Is Yinka Ayefele a Nigerian?

He is native and true Nigerian artist. Yinka was born in Ekiti state. Besides, he comes from Yoruba family.

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Is Yinka Ayefele married?

Yinka Ayefele baby

This prominent gospel artist is happily married. His wife’s name is Temitope Titilope. According to the news, they gave birth to their third child about a year ago. As the performer says, he cannot understand men, who have more than one wife.

How much is Yinka Ayefele worth?

Yinka Ayefele’s income is quite impressive. However, as the reports say, he has recently had some problems. He has a wonderful house in Ibadan. But the government wants to demolish it. It may lead to the years of toiling to go down the drain.

Well, let’s wait and see what will happen. Will he lose his house? Or will the artist become richer? Anyway, he is very important for the music industry and has done a lot to develop it.


Yinka Eifel is a very talented artist, a master of his craft, a person very creative, previously worked as a journalist. Very large fellow, well bred. And even once in a terrible accident, it is not broken, and continued to live and to be engaged in music. For me, these people are an example, which should be put as an example to your children. But he may lose his house,I'll follow the following news is very interesting to see how the rest of his life further. Will it become richer, and that decides to his house, waiting for news.

Answered 1 year ago.

Nigeria is rich in talented people. One such talent is Yinka Ayefele. It is a known artist, who early in his musical career working in radio. The album titled Bitter experience has brought him much fame.It is a list of many awards. He also became a member of Order of the Niger. Yinka Ayefele did a lot for the development of this genre of music like gospel music. It was very interesting to read his detailed biohrfiyu. Learn more about his life. We will continue to monitor the glory artist. Looking forward to the new album.

Answered 1 year ago.
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