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Should I Tell His Wife That He Is Having An Affair With Me?

Maybe you think that I'm crazy, I'm wondering if I should tell his wife that he is having an affair with me for 2 months!

He said that he used to be a well-recognized honest husband.  He has rejected lots of opportunities during his 6-year marriage.  However, he is studying at school now in order to achieve a higher standard of life, he has no idea why he falls for me that much.

I have no idea, either.  I haven't casted any charm on him before.  It was just a very common occaoccasiont he offered me a ride to somewhere, and then, when we arrived at that place, he confessed that he felt a strong connection between us: all he wanna do was to kiss me and have sex with me right away.

Since we are classmates, we do want to keep professional relationship when we first talked about this issue.  But, whenever we have any chance to study together, he can't help to cool down his impulsiveness to get in "touch" with me, then it becomes the real touching, and then we have MouthAction, but we never kissed! ,  I really love the way he touches me.

Now I found that I am in a dilemma that I am in love with him.  On one hand, I know it's not good to keep him around because he is married, and he wants to get out of the whimsical situation as well, it's just he doesn't have a strong determination to achieve it.  We've been discussed it for a month.  On the other hand, I do want to be his lover or partner forever because we've experienced lots of real exposivelexplosivelyfessional teamwork results.  I AM the right person to help everything for him, and he is relied on my help for school works now as well.

He once said he LOVES independent woman like me, and he complaint a bit about his wife's dependency.  But right after that, he yelled, "I still love her!"

In my heart, I know no matter how much I love him, I may not be his wife in the future because he is a faithful husband, at least he thinks so.  But he still dares not to tell his wife about this affair to keep his honesty records.  He just wanted to end it quietly - but the fact has proved that as long as he wants to keep friendship with me, he can't get out of the situation clean.  He said it's the only time he cheated on his wife.  He now cannot lecture other people cheating is not a good thing in the marriage. In other words, the only way to have him get out of this trouble relationship is to let the wife know. (I can't believe I say it, I still love him in a romantic way.)

I do think either he or I should tell the wife the truth.  I know he really doesn't have the guts to tell the truth.  Should I tell her, should I?

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