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Gay and Lesbian Couples Can Now Marry in the UK. Blessing or Curse?

I know this topic might have been discussed in the past but i cant help but bring it back today. this is because from today, gay or lesbian couples in the UK can have a civil ceremony and become man and wife (oh sorry) husband and husband or man and man or WIFE AND WIFE. OR MR AND MR. OR MRS AND MRS.... am confused............

when i told one of my geeees about this, he hallowed and said 'see kpali' that means instead of waiting for a girl to become available for arrengee, 'na to just find another guy, talk man to man, do arrangee and kpali don show be that' i laughed out loud and said Naijaaaaaaaa.

i am a bit worried bout this trend the Uk has bucked because am afriad bout what will happen to the family institution. Is civilization as we know it being re-written? what happens to the dual family role of procreation and socialisation if future generation of those living in the UK decide to go gay? what happens to the family as we know it today? i dont begrudge two people of the same sex who wants to f**k each other from doing so, but getting married, i think is taking it a bit far. i dont want to bring religion into this discussion but as a sociologist am realy worried that the role of the family as we know it is being tampered with and society will be worst for it.

what happens if this trend is wholly copied byu governments in africa and the developing world? I dont know what u think out there but this is taking it a bit far.

I need intelligent and well researched response to this issue and not just a blab about religion etc. lets discuss how this latest trend affectb the family as we know it today

Some have argued that there are some benefit one can derive from this new legislation as it affects people residing in the UK and i think i agree. Anyway, if u live in the UK and want to find out how u can benefit from this system, write me a personal email and i will let u know

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