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Have You Ever Had A Teacher Who Inspired You?


I'm a management consultant by profession but a teacher at heart. A lot of negative things have been said about Nigeria's education system. I'm creating this thread so we can talk about the few bright lights that still exist in our school system. Here's mine:

In my secondary school, French was a compulsory subject in JSS. However, for your JSS 3 exams, you were allowed to drop two subjects and 99% of the school always dropped French and Music. I was part of the 99% who was going to drop French until i got a new French teacher in my JSS3. Her name was Mme Adegbilero and she was soooooo good! Not only was she a great teacher, she treated us like her own children. She could be very strict but she would never raise her voice. All of a sudden i was in love with the French language, and i ended up taking it not just for my JSS exams, but also in my SSCE. She's one teacher i will never forget.

So, does anyone have any such good experiences with teachers?

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