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Are They(ladies) Too Demanding Or We (guys)dont Provide Enough?

The Christmas period is just few hours to its celebration, but the spirit behind its celebration is causing a lot of happenings; boys and girls to lose touch with each other. The reason behind this is obvious. Many men shy away from spending on their girl friends. As such they always find the easy way out. What do they do? They either avoid the girls or find a way to quarrel with them only to make up when the chips are down.

Small Talks gathered that a man known among his peers as a happening boy, decided to take the easy way out immediately the December month entered its 15th day. Normally as expected, the girl friend had come to discuss how they would spend the Christmas and provided a list of the things she would like to have for the celebration.

According to the story, the sight of the list made the boy to faint, but he was quick to recover from it. He was said to have told the girl to reduce the list to a reasonable amount, but this the girl refused, adding that her girl friends had their own needs met by their various boy friends. The girl was equally quoted to have asked the boy what friends are for if her needs cannot be met.

Small Talks gathered that it was when the girl was adamant on having her way that the boy decided to look for a way out of the net. The only way he could use was to start avoiding the girl. He now hardly calls on phone. To ensure his plans works out fine, small talks gathered that he decided to abandon his house for the time being, while a friend had provided shelter for him.

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