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Who is Your Governor Of the Year?

We have seen what these governors are up to, having watched them for the past three and half years they assumed office.

Who then is your governor of the year and why?

My governor of the year is Governor Chris Ngige of Anambra state.

He has performed wonderfully on assume office despite all the distractions here and there from his political godfather, enemies and their allies.

He tarred some roads in Anambra State which was why the people of Anambra stand by him.

He is courageous,foccussed and unshakable!

Governor Chris  Ngige ride on, you are my governor of the year.

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Who Is Chris Uba?

I have searched the end of the internet to see what this man do for living but all i see is political issue about him and ngige. What does he do for living? why does he have so much power in the government? anyone who knows let me know.

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