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Romance, Romance, Romance! Why?

I don't get it.

I really don't get it.

Why is it that of all the many, many important and life changing issues and topics there are to discuss and debate in this world, romance and relationships always come out on top?

I mean, look at songs - I'm sure that over 95% of songs out there are about romance/relationships. I've never heard a song about Budget 2005 (which definitely affects our well being) or about soccer (which I'm sure you will agree is very popular in Nigeria).

And it's not like there that many different things you can talk about concerning romance. There are generally only six main kinds of sub-topics:

- Boy/girl is attracted to girl/boy within a first few meetings, but girl/boy is not sure/interested/not interested.

- Boy/girl is deeply in love with girl/boy, but girl/boy is NOT interested.

- Boy/girl is deeply in love with girl/boy, and the feeling is mutual. (This is the most popular of the sub-topics.)

- Boy/girl is getting tired of the relationship with girl/boy, and the feeling is/isn't mutual.

- Boy/girl has split up with girl/boy and it was an amicable/acrimonious split.

- Boy/girl can't get over losing girl/boy.

So all you romantics and relationship aficionados come and explain why you worship at the altar of romance, because I truly, honestly, seriously...

...DON'T GET IT!!!

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