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Can You Marry Someone Who Doesn't Believe In God?

Hello there,

There are some of us (Nigerians) who actually don't believe in God. We don't go to church, we don't go to mosques. Some of us can be quite moral, gentlemen, and not players. We are as faithful and honest (or dishonest) as the average Christians, and sometimes more so. But we just don't believe in God. At all.

Suppose you meet someone who is so sweet, so loving, so gentle, so understanding, so caring, so attractive, so charming, etc. Someone who is everything you have ever wanted in a husband or wife. But that person just doesn't believe in God and despite all your efforts cannot believe (or refuses to believe).

If that non-believer in God asks you to marry him/her, will you oblidge, and under what conditions (if any)?

Thanks a million!

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Are Nigerian Pastors Deceiving Nigerians?

I used to wonder how with the number of churches in Nigeria why we still wallow is the endless abyss of corruption, poverty, self-centeredness and other uncountable societal ills.

At times what some pastors preach on television are so nauseating that they make me wonder where they are getting their purported inspirations from.

Some of these pastors will readily say we need prayer and that our sins are too many no matter what national issues are brought up. What most of them preach really shows they don’t even know what’s really going on in the outside world.

In the USA the liberation of the blacks started in the churches, why can’t Nigerians liberation start in all these churches, or do the pastors fear a crackdown on their churches if they preach revolution instead of all the unattainable prosperity sham they are churning out.

Why must the prophet in the land continue to lie to the people?

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