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Why This Discrimination Between B.Sc & HND?

Why these discriminations between B.Sc and HND degrees holders?

This thing has been going on for a long time, that I thought by now our policy makers in this country would have taken steps to correct it. There are some companies that wouldn't employ an HND holder at all, while those that employs put them on a lower rank below their B.Sc counterparts of the same experience.

Recently, a friend of mine wanted to go for an MBA in one the nation's universities, but she was asked to do a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) first before she can apply for the MBA, because she is an HND holder.

It takes four years in the Polytechnic to acquire an HND degree, apart from years of work experience in-between. It also takes four years to acquire a B.Sc degree in a Nigerian university, except for Engineering and Medical courses.

The question is, do you think a B.Sc. degree and HND are equal? Do you think they should be treated equally, and why?

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