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Are Nigerian 'Graduates' Really Graduates?


I keep wondering the kind of stuff that Nigerian universities are producing. A friend of mine who studied engineering in NAU and graduated with a 2-1 confessed to me that he doesn't know anything when it comes to engineering. How come?

I was really embarrassed the other day, when I was discussing with some economics undergraduates here in the UK. I'm supposed to be a Masters student here but I felt like a fool because I’m afraid I knew nothing about the topics they raised owing to the fact that I was under-educated in Nigeria.

More appalling was the day I couldn't help but overhear a so-called psychologist spitting poo. He made so many grammatical blunders that I denied my nationality. I became an emergency Congolese.

What is your take on these, guys?

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Why This Discrimination Between B.Sc & HND?

Why these discriminations between B.Sc and HND degrees holders?

This thing has been going on for a long time, that I thought by now our policy makers in this country would have taken steps to correct it. There are some companies that wouldn't employ an HND holder at all, while those that employs put them on a lower rank below their B.Sc counterparts of the same experience.

Recently, a friend of mine wanted to go for an MBA in one the nation's universities, but she was asked to do a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) first before she can apply for the MBA, because she is an HND holder.

It takes four years in the Polytechnic to acquire an HND degree, apart from years of work experience in-between. It also takes four years to acquire a B.Sc degree in a Nigerian university, except for Engineering and Medical courses.

The question is, do you think a B.Sc. degree and HND are equal? Do you think they should be treated equally, and why?

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Nigerian Linux Distribution: do we need one?

Do you think programmers in Nigeria should work to create their own Linux distro?

"Whoa, a Nigeria Branded distro? That would be so cool and neat. Especially if could spawn from this very

forum. I would be much joyed to be part of such an endeavour. Resources would be required to creat and

managed such a project and lots of ideas would be flow to be implemented in the distro. Who would manage

this? i'm just curious about that aspect and IMHO its just a matter of time before its eventually done. I just hope we get to do it first :-)."

"ps. the distro ( as a matter of survival ) should be very rigid and _immune_ to damages from power outages.

probably be able to go down and come up in seconds! :-p oh, and what would be the 'mascot'? an eagle like

penguine? or a danfo bus? :-p"

Re: A Nigerian-Branded Linux Distro? (ng_linux mailing list)

"So, I was thinking, since we have some programmers in Nigeria with really extreme skills, it is possible to develop a complete Nigeria distribution of Linux and call it NaijaLinux or something like that. This will be an extensively collaborative project and will involve a lot of people; University students, professors, professional programmers etc."

Indigenous OpenSource; A Nigerian Linux Distribution? (Femi Olubosi, IT consultant)

Personally, I feel that it's not necessary for us to have our own Linux distribution, unless we have some technical improvements to contribute, because open source software belongs to the whole world. The Redhat and Debian distributions of Linux belong to Nigerians as much as they belong to Americans or Europeans, because they are free for all of us to use. Right or wrong?

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