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Graduates: Is Your Occupation Related To Your Degree?

Nigerian Graduates And Their Academic Area Of Study

I have been doing some study lately on my people, Nigerians, especially the graduates, and their inclination to practice what they studied in Univ.

I found out that most grads are not practicing the profession for which they obtained University education/degree.

Some of the reasons explained here:

1) I had been applying for like 2-3years for course "X" as my first choice, the only admission I got after 2-3yrs was course "Y", after much prayer and fasting. I had to take it to at least have a face to show among my friends, after I graduate, I can go back to what I really want to do.

The next question: 'Ok, so are you finally doing what you had planned to do before Univ'?

answer: NO

Reason: I'm still trying to survive. All I want now is to put food on my table, kind of

2) Another reason: 'I just need a college degree', whateva comes my way, kind of attitude,


- "because the main question you are asked is if you are a University graduate, and once you answer 'YES', thats all thats needed, at least "to get a job"

- motivations of such peeps are:  "I have many friends who did not read any thing accounting-related and yet are working in reputable banks, are successful, if they can make it, I know I can make it, in todays world, what you read does not determine your success level, even Bill Gates is a drop-out"

3) Another reason: "I am the first born, my parents wanted me to be a nurse, so I read nursing".

Question: if given the opportunity, would you have chosen another field and not nursing?

Answer: Yes, I wanted to be a journalist.

Question: so would you still want to be a journalist in future

Answer: Yes, hopefully, if I get bored with being a nurse, I can divert.

4) Another reason, most common among the interviewed ladies.

its like this: all they are after is to have "a degree", no matter what. Next is they want to get married, since they know their husbands might not allow them to pursue their profession, so why the waste of time, a lot of "the husband is the crown of the wife" mentality, so therefore, once they have that crown they feel they have achieved everything in life.


OK, NLs, lets chat:

Of the 4-reasons I summarized above, I could only live with #1, since one is at the end of the rope here, but with the others, I think its more of a matter of being goal-less in life.

what do you think?


Are you presently Practicing your profession for which you received University Training/education? (YES/NO)

if No, - why are you not practicing what you read in the University?

if YES - are you really happy with your profession? if given a choice, would you have chosen something else

What other reasons, have you come across for people to practice, abandon, hate/love their profession?

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I'm A Married Man. What To Do About A Nagging Mother?

I was recently blessed with a baby and my mum has come to help nurse the baby. However she has turned to a living hell for me and my wife. She has been nagging about everything. She complains about the food, the house everything, I love her very much and don't know how to complain to her without worsening the situation. She has never had any problems with my wife before now. The only person that I could complain to is far away in the north so I am at a crossroad on what to do. Please advise

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Do You Like Nurses/Nursing?

Why people are neglecting nurses? Many people are saying they can't marry nurses, while some are saying they can't become nurses.

I like nurses with their uniform & their duty, even their off days. Hello, somebody who likes nurses?

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Why Are All Africans Studying Nursing In America?

There is this funny stereotype going on that "all africans are Nurses" even bankers in Nigeria are into Nursing abroad, men sef are into Nursing, Almost every african chick you find, ask her what's she majoring in and she say Nursing, what's up with that? What if to make a living in yankee, you had to be a policeman, are you telling me that everyone would go into becoming a cops all in the name of survival for yankee

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How Long Can Your Mother-In-Law Stay With You?

Some Nigerian traditions allows for ones mother-in-law to stay with her daugther helping her out to nurse the baby.

As the man of the house,how long can u allow her to stay with u?As the wife if the reverse is the case,how long will u allow your husband's mother to stay with u nursing the baby?

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