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Office Romance: Would you date your colleague?

Hi guys, what if you fall in love with one of your colleagues? Would you run away because you both work with the same company? What if you cannot help what you both feel? How would you relate with each other in the office? Would you rather have an open-secret relationship?

Well, I have ever found myself in this situation. It all started with the guy becoming a thorn in my flesh. He was always disturbing me. I did not know then that he had any intention of proposing. I did not see it coming anyway not until the day he asked me on phone what I felt for him.

He could not hide his feelings anymore so he did propose. I gave him so many flimsy excuses and reasons why we could not date but he said we were surely going to work things out.

We really had a nice time. Most of my colleagues did not know because we were so discreet about it. Our mode of communicating then was through SMS when other colleagues were around.

Anyway, it was good while it lasted. We are still the best of friends.

So tell me, would you date your colleague?

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