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How Many People Have You Dated So Far?

How Many Girls Or Guys Have You Dated Ever Since You Were Born Upto This Moment

Hello guyz,

Well i taught this question should come up, how many girls or guys have you dated ever since you were born upto this moment, their age, their names, what you have learned from the past relationship, And why do you broke up.


1. Akudo :- 18yrs old :- She is kind of freak about money

2. Nkechi: - 25yrs old:- She is Kinda Freak about money and your big private part

3: Gift : 21yrs old : She is freak about money and sex

4: Yetunde : 22yrs old : Natural girl

5 : Bisi : 20yrs old : Freak about money and material things

6: Fatimah : 17yrs old : Natural girl

Why we Broke up ?


1. Akudo : She travelled to a far distance

2. Nkechi : We ain't compatable because all she wants was money ! money !! money !!!

3. Gift : Still on board ( Hope you understood that huh ?? )

4. Yetunde : She is still intrested, but live outside Lagos

5: Bisi : She doesn't want to live me alone

6: Fatimah : She left my crip, and got pregnated else where.

Well just learnt that :-

1. Not good to double date

2. Always be your self.

3. Play your role carefully

4. Always speak your mind, or what you feel about someone

5. Don't be to harsh on your partner.

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