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Are You a Geek? [The New Geeks]

I watched a show on CNN that was talking about the New Geek. You might be surprised.

Old geeks:  Stay in their rooms playing games all day and have bad social skills. Are usually dressed in a nerdy way

New geeks: Are very passionate about their hobbies and spend time, effort and money on the hobby.  Are not neccessarily nerdy but they are independent and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.  They are media sophisticates and read a lot: magazines, TV, blogs, discussion boards etc

Statistics(UK): 78% of them are married. As a group they are worth $11.8 billion. They are within the 18-44 age bracket.

So the question is this, are you a geek?

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Visa Lottery: Modern Day Slavery?

This has been on my thought quite some time now. The set of the so called lottery winners happens to be the independent people in the different part of the globe.

This set of people suppose to build their nations, but had been enticed with a greener pasture thus biulding another nation.

Secondly, these lottery donors continue pilling up people from different part of the globe, thus increasing their manpower and technology, so why won't they be regarded as God's own country.

Now, what do you think?

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