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Ringo "Ringoshops" - A Promising Upcoming Telecom Franchise?

Ringo is a "full service telecommunications distribution company, specifically created to change the face of retail marketing of GSM, PTO and all telephony products and services through the development of Ringo Supershops pan-Nigeria."

The shops would sell "state-of-the art telephony products and services from all the wireless networks (GSM/PTO) and manufacturers of handsets/accesories including recharge cards and SIM cards" and provide a "world class shopping environment for the discerning consumer."

The company (Ringo Telecommunications Limited) seeks to "appoint franchisees and operators who would run these supershops in all the key commercial cities in Nigeria as an ongoing profitable venture".

What sort of franchise operators are they looking for?

[list][li]Individuals who have standard shops in major streets in key commercial cities/towns in Nigeria in locations that are "quite visible and enjoy excellent human and vehicular traffic", who are "willing to transform these shops to the Ringo franchise", with their branding and an exclusive contract to only sell products offered by Ringo"[/li]

[li]Individuals who are already selling telephony products (sim cards, recharge cards, handsets and accessories) in standard shops <snip> and are willing to take their shops to the next level <snip>.[/li]

[li]Individuals who have just acquired standard shops in prime locations and who have been seeking/waiting for the right platform to actualize their interest.[/li]

[li]Individuals/organizations who own or run chains of standard stores, either in one particular city or in different cities, and would be willing to partner with the Ringo Brand to bring their store chain into the Ringo franchise.[/li]

[li]Entrepreneurs looking for a profitable and low risk venture to invest their money in, who are willing to acquire shops/stores in good locations within Nigeria and manage their investment themselves <snip>.[/li]

[li]Housewives looking ro run a store close to their homes which they would manage themselves.[/li][/list]

What floor area does your shop need to be?

Ringo Dream Shops: 50-60 square meters.

Ringo Classic Shops: 28-35 square meters.

Ringo Point Shops: 8-12 square meters.

What other jargon do they want you to know?

Ringo Business Model - the business model you wil have to follow if accepted.

Ringo Entrepreneur - A cool name to call yourself if they choose you!

What to send to the operators of the 'Ringoshop' scheme?

- A formal application stating your name, address, telephone number and email address.

- Educational qualifications.

- Your business locations with directions (how to reach your place).

- Dimensions of your store/shop.

- The kind of business you are involved in.

- Picture of the entire building with an arrow pointing to your store.

- Why you are interested in partnering with the Ringo brand.

- Who will be managing the business and her educational qualifications.

- If you do not own a shop/store at the moment, write to inform them about your passion to become a franchisee and the possible location of your intended shop.

Ringoshop Franchisee/Operator Scheme Address:

Ringo Telecommunications Limited, PMB 21719, Ikeja.



Hope you find this useful!  Source: Page 42, The Guardian Nigeria, July 20 2005

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