Boko Haram: Mother was forced to watch beheading of her son

Why was mother forced to watch how Boko Haram were beheading her son? Read the shocking story of Jummai Ibrahim in this article!

boko haram

Communities of Northern Nigeria know what terrorism means. They saw horrific amputated dead bodies and the scream of agony was perpetuated in their memory by Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram.

Attack of Boko Haram

The normal fishing community of Baga in northern Borno State lived peacefully. Boko Haram attacked them, killed locals and security operatives in a horrible way. People who managed to flee away, arrived to camps and told different stories of what they saw. These stories can shock everybody…

Shocking story

Jummai Ibrahim fled from her house, but she lost everything including her 21-year-old son. Her story is shocking since Boko Haram insurgents forced her to see how her son was beheaded. 

Jummai Ibrahim

The mother who lost everything

Jummmai Ibrahim was a famous big-time merchant. She lived very well and had good money from the booming fish trade near the Lake Chad. Suddenly Boko Haram came to dislodge their peace and cause serious lose of money and properties.

That day they were going to go to the market with fish to trade as usual. But later they lost everything because Boko Haram came in large numbers. They shot into every household and killed everyone whom they saw.  All people began to run, and just some of them reached the IDP camp in Maiduguri.


Jummmai as other women feels not very comfortable in the camp, because they all had own business in Doro-Baga, but there they have nothing to do except sitting down every day and waiting.


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Horror of the attack

Jummai told that Boko Haram continued to follow them as they fled to the bushes. Many people were killed in the bushes and many young women were abducted.

The woman also added that when she was running away, she saw two soldiers. One of them was stripped naked, and his manhood was cut off his groin and put into his mouth. She couldn’t stand the sight of such horror.

boko haram horror

How Boko Haram killed Jummia’s son

Jummmai Ibrahim lost many of her relatives. Boko Haram gunmen took away one of her daughters who was pregnant and her three-year-old son and other 13 relatives of Jummai.

One of her sons also was killed by Boko Haram. When they saw her son with Jummia, they told that he is old enough to join Civilian-JTF. For that reason, they dragged him to the ground ad slit his throat.

boko haram killed the son

They wanted to force her to hold his legs and insisted that she must keep her eyes open. Her son was screaming and asked the mother to help and pray for him. That is how her child was beheaded.

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