Building collapse in Nigeria: another tragedy in Anambra

Did the building collapsed in Anambra due to corruption? Find out now.


Over the last years building collapses in Nigeria have taken many lives. And now Anambra state sends us some sad news.

What building collapse took place in Anambra?

This time it is a smaller size two storey building, which collapsed in Ndiagu. For now we surely know of three deaths caused by the ruination. Three other people obtained severe injuries. Surely, the exact reasons for this falling down of a house would be investigated by the police.

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Presently, it is suggested the house collapsed due to the use of low quality building materials. It took just few moments for the house to crumble. So, people inside it had no chance to get saved. Others standing close by got injuries and were taken to the hospital.

That is all we know for now, but possibly these deaths can be blamed on corruption. Share what you think of it.

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